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101 Tips For The Zone 5 & Zone 6 GardenerWe are now offering an affiliate program for our e-book “101 Tips For The Zone 5 & Zone 6 Gardener”. The program is managed by our payment processor, .

Affiliates earn 50% of the current sales price, paid seven (7) days after a successful sale has been completed via your affiliate link.

How To Become An Affiliate

Being an affiliate means you can earn money by successfully marketing and selling our e-book to your site visitors. “101 Tips For The Zone 5 & Zone 6 Gardener” is an easy reading, highly valuable resource for gardeners of any expertise level, from beginners to experts.

Our primary requirement is that you MUST own an active gardening related site. The only email marketing technique we accept is to those who are on your personal list and generated from your own gardening site. We operate this way because if a spam complaint arises, we would be in violation of policies, and obviously we choose to avoid that scenario …

We will personally check each application and inform you one way or the other. Again, you must have an active gardening related site, and list the site address on your affiliate application.

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program! Additional inquiries can be directed to us at our Contact page, linked in the top and bottom header of each page on this site.


Jim and Laura Hofman, Owners

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