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What and Where Are Zone 5 & Zone 6?

There are 11 planting zones on the USDA Plant Hardiness Map in the contiguous United States and southern Canada. The regions are basically defined by a 10 degree Fahrenheit difference in the average annual minimum temperature (the coldest recorded temps in the winter).

To put the definition in normal speak, the higher the numbers, the warmer the temperatures for gardening in those areas. The Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a given location.

Purple Coneflowers in Perennial Gardenl

Purple Coneflowers Are Easy Care Sun Perennials That Attract Pollinators

Zone 5, where I live, encompasses a large area…running through parts of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Indiana, and a large portion of Michigan. Zone 5 also includes parts of Pennsylvania and New York, up to segments of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and even the southern portion of Maine. Zone 6, as you would guess, is immediately adjacent to Zone 5. (Zone 5 depicted in “Green” and Zone 6 in “Yellow” on the map below) Click the map for a larger view …

Plant Zone Map

Right Plant in the Right Spot = Gardening Success

When you purchase a plant, the plant tag generally will show the coldest plant hardiness zone in which the plant will survive through the winter. Although this is not a guarantee, it’s a good starting point. Besides the zone, keep in mind local variations like moisture, soil, winds, and other conditions. All these might affect the viability of individual plants …

Occasionally, zones are reclassified due to increasing minimum winter temperatures … which can slightly shift zones higher. I prefer to go by the original classification so the plants selected have a better chance of survival.

For a handy tool to check what zone you reside in go to Zone By Zip and plug in your zip code and the plant hardiness zone will pop up.

Check out our “Visiting Midwest Gardens” series!

How To Attract Monarch Butterflies by FlowerChick.com

Need a little Zone 5 & 6 gardening inspiration? Get inspired by the Midwest’s gorgeous botanical gardens, arboretums, and other stunning horticultural attractions!

Join us as we visit these wonderful Zone 5 & Zone 6 sites. Follow along and plan your own trips … you’ll even find a guide of local attractions (with an emphasis on independent businesses) to enjoy in the various towns and cities.  Come back often as we keep adding new posts to our Illinois Gardens , Indiana Gardens, Iowa Gardens, Michigan Gardens & Wisconsin Gardens categories. 

Click on each state’s page (above) to discover the Midwest’s most beautiful public gardens!


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Orange Dahlia Olbrich Botanical Gardens Madison WI

Dazzling Orange Dahlia Spotted At Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin

Welcome to our latest “Visiting Midwest Gardens” feature as Flower Chick spends a week in Wisconsin’s beautiful Door County. This peninsula between Lake Michigan and Green Bay is home to spectacular natural vistas and sparkles all year around, but as we’ll discover, especially in the summer …

We’ll take you day by day to experience this Wisconsin Zone 5 destination, and introduce you to some Badger State favorites along the way …

West of the Lake Gardens Manitowoc

Beautiful Gardens All Abuzz With Pollinators In August

Best Gifts For Gardeners – Flower Chick’s Top Suggestions For Every Budget 

It’s always a great time to give or receive a gift! Need inspiration for family and friend gardening enthusiasts?  Explore Flower Chick’s personally selected, favorite garden-inspired gift ideas.  All are items you’ll love to give … or receive!  There’s something for everyone on your list from $9.99 – $499.99 … Flower Chick’s 64 Best Gifts For Gardeners – Click Here To See

Do you find yourself baffled about gardening terms, what they mean, and how to apply the knowledge to your garden? We’re here to help! Check out our new “A – Z Gardening Terms” page … it’s a comprehensive alphabetical list of commonly used gardening terms and what they mean (and how they’ll help you). From “bare root” to “wet feet”, Flower Chick explains it all in easy-to-understand terms …

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Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds by FlowerChick.com

Discover Flowers To Attract Hummingbirds … This Cardinal Flower Is A Hummer Magnet!

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