How To Prevent Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in our yards and gardens are more than just a nuisance. In many states, the deadly West Nile Virus is proving the latest threat posed by these nasty creatures. The key to controlling mosquitoes is in controlling their breeding places …

Mosquitoes lay up to 250 eggs at a time in still water, which will hatch in 7 to 10 days. If standing water is eliminated weekly, many mosquitoes will be kept from breeding in the first place, eliminating the need to use pesticides against adult mosquitoes …

If you’re looking for a handsome potted plant that will not only thrive outdoors but also chase away pesky mosquitoes, try the Mosquito Shoo plant. This unique style of geranium grows about two feet tall and can repel mosquitoes for a 10 foot square area …

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The plant releases a citronella oil scent, which people love and mosquitoes hate! As an added bonus, Mosquito Shoo is super easy to grow and is hypoallergenic …

Mosquito Shoo

Here are some tips for keeping mosquitoes in check:

* Check for items around your yard that might hold water including wheelbarrows, tire swings, toys, garden equipment, pool covers, tarps, plastic sheeting, pipes, drains, boats, recycling bins and trash.

* Never leave water in sprinkling cans or buckets for more than one day.

* Place window screen wire securely over the top of rain barrels to keep leaves and mosquitoes out. Or use “mosquito bits” to quickly kill mosquitoes without harming any other living things like animals or plants. Mosquito Bits contain a bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, that kills mosquito larvae quickly and efficiently before they become buzzing, troublesome pests.

* Remove standing water in ponds, ditches, clogged rain gutters, flower pots, plant saucers, puddles, buckets, jars and cans.

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* Monitor garden statuary for places water may collect. Add holes for drainage or empty regularly.

* Completely change water in birdbaths, wading pools, and pet water bowls at least twice a week.

* Stock ornamental ponds and fountains with fish that eat mosquito larvae. Moving water deters mosquitoes, stagnant water invites them.

Koi pond

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