How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Hot Diggety Dog

Dogs dig for several different reasons. Sometimes dogs dig to make a cool spot to lay in on a hot summer day. Some dogs (such as hounds) dig to pursue the odor of prey animals such as rabbits.

Others can hear or smell insects just beneath the soil and dig for buried “food” like worms and grubs. Pent up energy or boredom causes some dogs to dig for the sheer thrill of it …

Or they may dig to try to escape from the yard so that they can go on a tour of the neighborhood or meet favorite canine friends. Some breeds are predisposed to digging, like terriers and dachshunds. Dogs with high energy levels may also be prone to dig as a way of channeling their excess energy …

Why Is My Dog Digging?

If your dog is digging excessively, first try to determine why. If he’s digging to find a cool spot, make sure he has a shady area to relax and escape the hot sun, plus try offering him his own paddling pool if he’s a water lover like a retriever …

Keep a kiddy pool for him in a shady area and he will probably be most

grateful. A sand pit in a shady area is another solution …

If your dog is digging to escape from the yard, try to figure out why he wants to escape. Make sure your pet is neutered or spayed so he’s not trying to roam or put himself in harm’s way looking for a mate.

Please Don’t Leave

If your pet shows signs of separation anxiety, leave your dog in the safety of your house when he or she cannot be supervised. Take him for a walk before you leave – a happy, tired dog is usually a less anxious dog …

If your dog is digging to have fun, show him how to have fun in other ways. Provide lots of exercise and play for him. Food toys are a great way to keep a dog busy when you can’t be around …

For chronic diggers, consider providing a special area of the yard for your dog to dig and teach him that it is acceptable to dig there but not in the rest of your yard.

Here are some tips to keep your dog from digging:

* Provide fun and tiring exercise for your dog every day. A brisk daily walk. A trip to the local dog park. Always keep him busy and mentally stimulated!

* Supervise your dog when he is out in the yard. Reprimand if he starts to dig. Get him interested in doing other things instead (playing with a ball, frisbee or chew toy).

* Make sure your dog has shade and access to fresh clean water.

* Be responsible and have your pet neutered/spayed.

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