Anderson Japanese Gardens

One of my favorite things to do (besides gardening) is visiting botanical gardens and arboretums in our travels. Not only do I find it a relaxing endeavor ripe with great photo opportunities, it’s a wonderful way to gather ideas for your own garden.

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Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL

I finally made it to the beautiful Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford last summer and I cannot wait to get back there! Such a tranquil and inspirational place to walk around, meditate, and get away from the stress of the outside world.

The gardens are named after its founder, Rockford businessman John Anderson, who was inspired by a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon. With the assistance of renowned Master Craftsman and designer Hoichi Kurisu, the land was transformed into a Japanese-style landscape in the late ’70’s.

FlowerChick, Japanese gardens, Rockford

Experience the tranquility of a Japanese garden

What makes a Japanese garden unique? Three of the essential elements used to create a Japanese garden are stone, water, and plants. Secondary elements include pagodas, stone lanterns, water basins, arbors and bridges …

Japanese gardens are very carefully designed and pruned according to aesthetic principals to create a work of natural art that inspires calm, renewal, discovery and an invigorated soul …

Friendly Koi at Anderson Japanese Gardens

On my next visit, I will stop in the gift shop and pick up some koi food to feed the myriad of colorful koi fish in the garden ponds. They greet you with open mouths hoping for a few morsels of their favorite kibble.

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