Mackinac Island Gardens: Flower Chick’s Insider Tour

Grand Hotel Gardens Mackinac Island by

Legendary Mackinac Island has some of the most spectacular gardens in the world, so join us and let’s explore!

Everywhere you venture on Mackinac island … you’ll see the pride people take in their floral displays.  It’s not easy to garden here either, with the island’s rocky soil, short season, transportation hurdles, and brief warm summers quickly turning into bitter cold winters.  When spring arrives, Mackinac Island comes alive with abundant flowers, visitors, shop keepers, and residents tending to their beautiful gardens …

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Getting To Mackinac Island Starts The Fun …

Most people get to Mackinac Island by first driving to Mackinaw City or St. Ignace and then taking a ferry. Others arrive by either plane or private boat.  Coming from the south as we did, it’s a convenient option to arrive in Mackinaw City, stay overnight, and take the first ferry over to the island.  Get ready to spend the day … or more!

No Cars Allowed – Just Bikes or Horses

Ideally, you’ll plan your visit for at least two or three days. There’s plenty to see and do here – visiting for a day just isn’t enough time to fully explore. Flower Chick settled in for a three day visit, arriving on Mackinac Island on the Shepler Ferry from Mackinac City …

The ferry ride takes about 20 minutes as you traverse the Straits of Mackinac. If you’d like, opt for a special “Mighty Mac” departure – the ferry will take you directly beneath the Mackinac Bridge for a unique up close view …

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Mackinac Island Carriage Tours by

View Of The Island Carriage Tours From The Charming Front Porch At The Market Street Inn

Arriving at the island ferry dock, you’ll get the sense of relaxation and “island time”. The first inkling you’ve arrived someplace special is the noticeable absence of vehicle traffic. No cars are allowed on Mackinac Island – and here’s the backstory of how that came to be …

In the late 1890’s, a smattering of motor vehicles first started appearing on Mackinac Island. A group of carriage men petitioned the village council to prohibit the “dangerous horseless carriages” that were frightening their horses. Village leaders enacted the ban on July 6, 1898 and it has stayed in place to this day. The only vehicles allowed on the island are emergency equipment like fire trucks and an ambulance …

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As automobiles became ubiquitous in the 20th century, the lack of motor vehicles on Mackinac Island gives the island a special character, making it truly feel like a vacation escape.  The ‘clippity clop’ sound of the horses hooves as the carriages make their way up and down the streets is very relaxing … truly a step back in time.

No Cars Allowed Downtown Mackinac Island by

Sit back and join Flower Chick for an Insider Tour of the many splendid Mackinac Island gardens … starting with the grand dame of them all, the exquisite Grand Hotel …

Gardens of the Grand Hotel

For more than a century, the legendary Grand Hotel gardens have provided a spectacular enhancement to the guest experience. Century-old lilacs, white cedar, and maple trees provide dramatic structure. Perennials and annuals by the tens of thousands contribute bursts of color throughout Grand Hotel’s season, thanks to the ideal climate of a Mackinac spring, summer, and early autumn …

The Grand Hotel Gardens Mackinac Islan by

See over 150 varieties of flowers during a single visit, including geraniums, roses, peonies, coleus, garden heliotropes, cosmos, lilies, daisies, begonias and verbena.  A very impressive floral extravaganza!

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Did You Know? The Grand Hotel dates back to 1887. Back when it first opened to visitors, the average daily rate to stay here hovered around three dollars!

Providing a new experience each and every season, the glorious Secret Garden is a Grand Hotel highlight and a favorite spot for guests (especially for those who can find it)  😉. Located in a large area in the middle of the gardens, but still very much hidden, it features two distinct sections: one full of perennials and the other dedicated to a spring flower bulb display, which is then replanted with ever-changing annuals for bright splashes of color …

The Secret Garden at the Grand Hotel

The Secret Garden is a delight for the senses … the profusion of color, types of plants that play well together, textures and scents all make for breathtaking vistas.  You’ll also see an abundance of pollinators enjoying the nectar from the kaleidoscope of flowers.  Make sure to bring your camera and get ready for a myriad of photo opportunities!

These Hardy Plants Attract Pollinators Like Crazy … See The Choices Here

Grand Hotel Secret Garden by

The Grand Hotel is especially known for their signature red geraniums.  Planted in more than 260 white boxes, some 1,600 of the elegant Americana Dark Reds greet those who come to stroll along the historic porch. For many visitors, relaxing in one of the long line of white wooden rocking chairs, sipping tea or cocktails and admiring the view is a highlight of this northern Michigan island, where cars are banned and horse-drawn carriages evoke a laid back, less hectic pace …

Did You Know? If you’re looking for a cocktail to take out to the famous porch, check out The Geranium Bar just inside. Open late morning, grab a signature Big Porch Ale, brewed exclusively for The Grand Hotel …

The Grand Hotel Red Geraniums by

Insider Tip:  You don’t need to stay at the Grand Hotel to stroll through and enjoy the spectacular gardens. Purchase a one day guest pass for $10 at the Front Desk and ask for the “Grand Hotel Gardens Walking Tour Map”.  There are twelve different garden areas to explore on the well-tended grounds.  You can also access the restaurants, shops, cocktail bars, and afternoon tea in the parlor on your visit.

The Grand Hotel Entrance Gardens by

The East & West Entrance Gardens at The Grand Hotel Feature Flowers From The Victorian Era

The doorman’s podium on the red carpeted landing below the porch is a good place to view the massive Entrance Gardens to the east and west.  Planned in the Victorian manner of “carpet bedding”, these expansive gardens create the perfect foil for this turn of the century hotel.

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Flowers reminiscent of the era are included in the displays including cosmos, snapdragons, cannas, zinnias, marigolds, dahlias, alyssum, and more … lovely!

The Grand Hotel Gardens Mackinac Island

Be sure to stop by and say hello to “Pete & Moss” (pictured below) while touring the gardens … these larger than life horse and carriage topiary blithely greet all guests on the front lawn.  5,000 ivy cuttings were stuck and rooted into two inches of soil, which in turn is held in place by sheet moss and chicken wire.  The inside is cleverly filled with plastic packing peanuts so they can be moved to “pasture” into a greenhouse for the winter months …

The Grand Hotel Gardens by Flower

More Flower Displays and Grand Hotel Highlights Here:

The Grand Hotel Gardens by FlowerChick.comGardens of Mackinac Island by FlowerChick.comRose Walk at the Grand HotelWildflower Hill at the Grand Hotel by FlowerChick.comMovies Filmed at The Grand Hotel by FlowerChick.comBig Porch Ale at the Cuploa Bar at The Grand HotelThe Grand Hotel Esther Williams PoolThe Grand Hotel Entrance By

So, right about now you are probably thinking … if cars and trucks are not allowed on the island, how on earth do they obtain and move all these flowers to their new homes?  Which leads me to …

Did You Know?  Planting season on Mackinac Island is between late May and early June.  Prior planning and preparation is a must!  Island gardeners ship countless plants, pallets of soil, mulches and other garden materials across the Straits of Mackinac.  These products are trucked to freight docks, shipped across the waters, and loaded onto horse-drawn drays to be delivered to their new garden homes. Phew – that’s a lot of coordination and effort!

Mackinac Island Butterflies

Mackinac Island is the home to not just one but TWO major butterfly exhibits.  If you love these delicate and beautiful winged creatures you will be over the moon.  Definitely visit both if you have the time.  They don’t disappoint!

Gardens of Mackinac Island FlowerChick's Insider Tour

In no particular order (well, okay … this is the order Flower Chick visited these wonderful places) first up is “Wings of Mackinac”.  We spent a delightful day exploring the gardens and classic ambience of the Grand Hotel.  This exquisite butterfly exhibit is a short walk up from the hotel (and also a stop on the island carriage tours).

Butterflies on Mackinac Island by

Wings of Mackinac first opened in 1997.  Deciding to open a Butterfly Conservatory in Northern Michigan came from the founder’s lifelong interest in nature and the desire to teach both children (and adults) to appreciate and respect our natural environment. 

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At any one time there are hundreds of butterflies flying around this small, peaceful space! All ages can enjoy seeing the variety of tropical & native butterflies beautifully dancing among lush plants, water fountains, and food stations.  Educational signs are posted to learn more about these winged marvels …

Butterflies on Mackinac Island by

Did You Know?  Adding a fruit feeder to your butterfly garden can help attract butterflies. … Some species prefer, even require, overripe fruit to feed on. Butterflies are particularly fond of sliced, rotting oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and bananas.

They are located at 7528 Carriage Road on Mackinac Island.  Wings of Mackinac is next to the Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, plus the Surrey Hills Museum & Gift Shop.  While you are in the area, you can also visit the Grand Hotel Stables, just across the street from Wings of Mackinac. There you’ll see the majestic horses and an impressive historical antique carriage & sleigh display …

Carriage Display Mackinac Island Grand Hotel by

Next day, Flower Chick toured the Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House which was the first of its kind in Michigan (established in 1991), and the 3rd oldest LIVE butterfly exhibit in the United States …

Located at 6750 McGulpin Street behind historic St. Anne’s Church (just east of downtown), this world-renowned facility boasts 1800 sq ft of tropical gardens filled with hundreds of live butterflies from four continents. Spectacular!

Butterfly House on Mackinac Island by Flower Chick.comThe Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House has come a long way – evolving from a dirt floor with potted plants and just a handful of North American butterflies to a beautifully landscaped tropical jungle with hundreds of butterflies from all over the world.

Butterfly House Mackinac Island by

When you first enter the Butterfly House, you will be given a laminated identification chart showing pictures and names of the butterflies so you can identify them as you stroll through the exhibit. Take your time to walk through the garden to read the subtle signage (with some basic facts about butterflies and insects in general) and please watch your step and move slowly as the butterflies can land on the floor in front of you, and even on you …

Butterfly Friend on Mackinac Island by

Large Butterfly Friend Hitching A Ride On Flower Chick’s Leg

I’ve always loved the Blue Morpho butterfly and was delighted to spot two of them in the gardens at the Butterfly House!

Blue morphos live in the tropical forests of Latin America from Mexico to Colombia.   Adults spend most of their time on the forest floor and in the lower shrubs and trees of the understory with their wings folded.

You can’t miss them with their vivid, iridescent blue coloring … exquisite!

The blue morpho’s diet changes throughout each stage of its lifecycle. As a caterpillar, it chews leaves of many varieties, but prefers to dine on plants in the pea family.

When it becomes a butterfly it can no longer chew, but drinks its food instead. Adults use a long, protruding mouthpart called a proboscis as a drinking straw to sip the juice of rotting fruit, the fluids of decomposing animals, tree sap, fungi and wet mud.

Luckily one finally landed after busily fluttering from leaf to leaf and I snapped his / her (?) photo below …

Don’t Know One Butterfly From Another?  This Will Come In Handy!

Very exciting to finally catch a pic of one up close!  You’ll see so many colorful butterflies you don’t know where to look first.  Some families come back again and again until they find each type listed on the identification chart.  A fun activity for all!

Blue Morpho Butterfly on Mackinac Island by

                    Blue Morpho Butterfly Posing For Flower Chick … Gorgeous!

Insect World is located adjacent to the Butterfly House and is included in the admission price. There are all sorts of “creepy crawlies” in here including walking sticks, the worlds heaviest bug, many species of beetles, scorpions, centipedes, and more.  More to my liking were the cool turtles, chameleon, and toad on display. ; )

Butterflies of Mackinac Island by

Did You Know?  Mackinac Island State Park makes up more than 80 percent of the island. Though you might think first of horse-drawn carriages and world-famous fudge when Mackinac comes to mind, most of the island is characterized by forested hiking and biking trails and extraordinary natural amenities.

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Mackinac Island Botanical Trail

Weaving along the Arch Rock Bicycle Trail, the Mackinac Island Botanical Trail features seven turnouts with plantings and interpretive signs about the floral life on Mackinac Island. Benches are also scattered along the trail to allow visitors to sit and reflect on the natural beauty around them …

Gardens of Mackinac Island by

We hiked the trail early one morning before it got too crowded or hot. There is plenty of shade from the many majestic trees to keep you comfortable …

Botanically speaking, the island is home to almost 600 vascular plants (not counting the hybrids in gardens).  Wildflowers, including the elusive Yellow Lady’s Slipper, account for 270 species.

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The Botanical Trail on Mackinac Island by

The View From The Road By Fort Mackinac Leading to The Botanical Trail … A Glorious Vantage Point

Whether by foot, bike or horse, the island’s interior has a 70-mile network of trails that leads through forests of deciduous trees, including beech, sugar maples, ironwood, and paper birch.  In addition there are conifer forests dominated by white pine, northern white cedar, red pine, and white spruce … all part of Mackinac Island State Park.

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Somewhere in Time Gazebo by

The “Somewhere In Time” Gazebo on Anne’s Tablet Trail – Now Used For Weddings On The Island

Before you reach the Botanical Trail, you may want to take a few minutes to visit the famous gazebo from the movie, Somewhere in Time. The 1980 motion picture starred Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.  Shot almost entirely on Mackinac Island, the film incorporated scenes all over the island including the historic downtown district, Mission Point Resort, and the Grand Hotel.

The Botanical Trail on Mackinac Island by

                      Striking Trees On The Interior Of The Island Along The Botanical Trail

The most common tree species seen along this trail is the Northern White Cedar. The Northern White Cedar is often called the American Arborvitae. This cedar has flattened branches with green, scaly, fan-like foliage. These trees display good cold hardiness and heat tolerance and are very popular for landscape use, hedge rows, and wildlife plantings.

Discover Long-Lasting Natural Cedar Planters – Perfect For Decks Or Patios!

Did You Know?  Lumber from cedar trees is lightweight and resistant to decay.  It’s a good choice for rustic fences, posts, log cabins, fort palisades, shingles, and the ribs of birch bark canoes.

Mackinac Island Botanical Trail Signage by

The most famous of the rock formations on the island is Arch Rock.  This amazing arch towers above the water and is more than fifty feet wide. It can be reached at the end of the Botanical Trail, or also can be viewed from below on the perimeter tour of the island …

Arch Rock on Mackinac Island by

View From Atop Arch Rock Looking Down To Lakeshore Drive (M-185 Perimeter Road))

Incredibly, small cedar trees thrive atop Arch Rock with their vigorous, lime-hungry roots.  This wondrous formation of limestone was formed by erosion when the waters of ancient Lake Algonquin melted during the last Ice Age.  As the waters receded, they took whatever would come loose with them.  The stronger most resistant rocks remained … a sort of survival of the fittest, geologically speaking.

Check Out This Arch That Will Be The Focal Point Of Your Garden … View Here

Over The Mackinac Bridge To The Upper Peninsula

Mackinac Island is a dream come true to visit! Flower Chick recommends at least a three night stay to see all the island sights …

But since reality always calls at some point, the ferries are ready to transport you back to either Mackinaw City (lower peninsula) or St. Ignace (upper peninsula). Our journey took us back to Mackinaw City to cross the iconic Mackinac Bridge up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula …

Did you Know?  Whether it is spelled Mackinaw, as in Mackinaw City, or Mackinac, as in Mackinac Island, it is pronounced the same way: Mack-i-naw. A mish-mash of Native American, French and British heritage resulted in an eclectic spelling and pronunciation.

Mackinac Bridge by

The Mackinac Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the Upper and Lower peninsulas of the state of Michigan. Opened in 1957, the 26,372-foot-long bridge is currently the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world.

Display The “Mighty Mac” in Your Home … See The Options Here

Did You Know? The Mackinac Bridge is open to pedestrian traffic one day a year on Labor Day. This is the popular Bridge Walk, which allows pedestrians to walk across the Straits of Mackinac. The Bridge Walk closes the bridge to vehicular traffic from approximately 6:30 a.m. to noon …

Crossing The Mackinac Island Bridge by

If bridges give you the “heebie jeebies”, don’t fret … the Mackinac Bridge Authority has a “Drivers Assistance Program” available 24/7 for all vehicle types. The program provides drivers for motorists who are uncomfortable with driving across the Mackinac Bridge. They also provide services for pedestrians, bicyclists and snowmobilers from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., 7 days a week, for a small fee.

Wear Your Love For The Mackinac Island Bridge – A Real Conversation Starter!

De Tour Village Botanical Gardens –

On our way to Sault Ste Marie, we stopped at the DeTour Village Botanical Gardens on the western shore of the St. Mary’s River in DeTour Village, Michigan.  The serene site consists of many individual garden beds designed in memory of a loved one. Each individual memorial garden is maintained by the family or friends …

De Tour Botanical Gardens by

Walking around the gardens we saw many with personal items, statues, favorite quotes, and more in honor of their loved ones.  A peaceful setting and touching tribute …

DeTour Botanical Gardens

The Bid Munro Natural Trail is on the north end of DeTour Botanical Gardens, and is currently under design and development.  They plan to have walking trails looping through the property that will begin on the corner of Ontario and Huron Streets and wind through natural terrain, leading to two foot bridges escorting you into Botanical Gardens.  Along the route you will see plants and trees that attract birds & butterflies, multiple bird houses, and a beautiful view of the St Mary’s River.

DeTour Botanical Gardens by

The gardens and walking paths surrounding the memorial tributes are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. Such a nice concept and a pleasant stop …

Create A Memory Garden For Your Loved Ones … Get Ideas Here

De Tour Botanical Gardens by

Sault Ste. Marie – Michigan’s Oldest City

Located at the very top of Michigan’s upper peninsula, Sault Ste. Marie is the state’s oldest city. Originally settled in 1668, the town draws its name from the French “Le Sault de Sainte Marie”, translated as “the rapids of St. Mary”.

Today, Sault Ste. Marie is referred to as “The Soo” and consists of two cities. Each carries the same name, one on the Canadian side of the St. Mary’s River and one on the American side. We limited our sightseeing to the American side of the river for a two night stay … there’s plenty to see and do! Here are some of Flower Chick’s Soo favorites …

Lockview Restaurant: Have a craving for local fresh fish? Lockview has been doing it right in The Soo since 1945. Conveniently located in the heart of town on Portage Avenue, Lockview is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lock View Restaurant Sign by

You’ll be drawn in by the ultra cool retro neon signage and scenic location directly across from the locks. Lockview’s menu features fresh whitefish, walleye, and lake perch along with other local specialties like a Michigan Spring Salad with Michigan dried cherries …

The Lockview Restaurant in the Soo by

Insider Tip(s): Flower Chick recommends the upstairs seating at Lockview … you’ll get a better view of the locks across Portage Avenue. Flower Chick’s husband recommends starting your meal with a bowl of Whitefish Chowder, featuring sublime chunks of whitefish in a creamy base …

Fudge du Locke: Just steps away from Lockview is The Soo’s original fudge shop, Fudge du Locke, founded here in 1964. As their name implies, Fudge du Locke specializes in fudge made on the premises, right across from the locks …

Sault Ste Marie Fudge by

You’ll be able to choose from about two dozen flavors and you can also have fresh fudge shipped home (don’t worry, it arrives fresh and safely packaged). Also, don’t pass up Fudge du Locke’s creamy fresh water taffy. Try the variety bag, filled with flavors like strawberry, orange cream, and other delicious delights …

Delicious Fudge Awaits You At Fudge Du Locke … So Many Choices!

Order Delicious Michigan Fudge Online Here … Lots of Tasty Flavors

Soo Locks Tour:  The award-winning Soo Locks can be seen up close at the observation platforms located just outside the Soo Locks Visitors Center, or you can get up close and experience this engineering marvel on a boat tour …

Currently, there are two boat tour companies offering boat rides through the locks. We opted for the Original Soo Locks Boat Tour as it’s located about a mile east of downtown quite near our Soo lunch stop (see below) …

The Soo Locks Boat Tour by

Traversing The Soo Locks On A Sightseeing Boat Tour – Very Cool!

The 63 mile long St. Mary’s River drops 21 feet from Lake Superior to Lakes Huron and Michigan.  Most of this drop occurs at the St. Mary’s Rapids / Falls.  The Soo Locks consist of two canals and four locks … that allow vessels of many types from pleasure boats to freighters to safely traverse the 21 ft drop in elevation.

Freighter Navigating The Soo Locks

More than 11,000 vessels, carrying up to 90 million tons of cargo pass through these locks every year.  Most cargo contained in these ships is either iron ore, coal, grain, or stone. Quite an operation!

More Gripping History Of The Famous Soo Locks … Discover Here

Did You Know? The Soo Locks are open about ten months of the year. In the heart of winter, the locks are inspected, repaired, and cleaned to ensure a safe and seamless shipping season …

Clyde’s Drive In: Just a few blocks east of the Original Soo Locks Tour location, you can enjoy a casual lunch at Clyde’s Drive In, a Soo tradition dating back to 1949. This beckoning traditional drive in offers fantastic burgers, ice cream, shakes, and all sorts of family friendly fare. Pull up into the parking lot and a car hop waitress will come by to take your order. Eat in your vehicle or opt for one of the picnic tables adjacent to the St. Mary’s River and the car ferry to Sugar Island …

Clyde's Drive In Sault Ste Marie MI by

If you’re lucky, you’ll witness a Great Lakes freighter plying up or down river toward their final destination …

Moloney’s: A friendly casual place, Moloney’s is an Irish themed bar and grill located downtown on Portage Avenue. In the warmer months, sit out at a table along the street for some great people watching …

Moloney’s offers an approachable menu of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and fish baskets. You won’t go wrong with the whitefish or lake perch baskets, served with crispy fries and house made cole slaw …

Inside at the bar, choose from 20+ Michigan brewed beers. It’s the best local beer selection here in The Soo …

Perfect Gift For The Michigan Beer Lover In Your Life … See Here

Historic Taverns in the Soo

Palace Saloon Sault Ste Marie by FlowerChick.comBeing Michigan’s oldest city, it stands to reason The Soo is home to a few long standing historic bars and taverns. On Portage Avenue, you’ll find the two oldest, the Palace Saloon and Alpha Bar …

The Palace Saloon offers a Mexican themed menu with all your favorites like tacos, fajitas, margaritas, and the like. Across the street at Alpha Bar, order off the Greek menu from the adjacent Zorba’s restaurant …

Ever in search of a casual watering hole frequented by locals, Flower Chick’s husband loves the Downtowner, a hockey themed bar that’s been around for 35+ years. Step inside and you’re greeted by a long old school bar on your left and a scattering of booths and tables to your right along the wall …

Downtowner Sault Ste Marie by

 The Comfortable Downtowner Bar in Sault Ste Marie – Relax With A Cold Beverage

The drink of choice here is Pabst Blue Ribbon on draught, though there are a few local options available and all the mixed drink options you’d want too. If you’re a hockey fan like Flower Chick’s tour guide / husband, you’ll enjoy all the historic photos of the Lake Superior State Lakers team and many classic NHL throwback pics …

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Our favorite bar in The Soo, Downtowner is a great place to chat up the locals and experience a quiet respite from the downtown activity …

Summary – Mackinac Island Gardens and the Upper Peninsula

Definitely add Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula to your travel “bucket list”!  The first time we travelled to Mackinac Island (many years ago) we just visited for a day trip.  This time around we stayed for three nights.  Take our advice and stay several days so you can explore the whole island and take in all the picturesque gardens and other sights.  Refresh and unplug …

No matter your travel preferences, Mackinac Island has something for everyone.  Sightsee, shop, hike, revel in the rich history, or simply relax with a cold beverage … it’s all waiting for you in this unique destination.  For garden lovers, the beautiful, lush Mackinac Island gardens are well worth a visit.  We hope we’ve given you a glimpse into what’s waiting for you here …

Gardens of Mackinac Island by

The Secret Gardens at The Grand Hotel – Beautiful & Peaceful!

Be sure to check out Flower Chick’s companion post on Mackinac Island.  This special post documents a one-of-a-kind walking trek around the 8.2 perimeter of Mackinac Island … plus more garden beauty & fun stops on the island!


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