New Perennials For 2019

Spring anticipation! It’s always nice to look forward to new perennial introductions … especially on beautiful spring days like today …

This is a perfect time to dream of spring and check out some of the new plants available for sale …

Check Out The New Perennial Selection For Zones 5 & 6 …

Here are ten new perennials that caught my eye:

Helenium Mariachi Fuego ‘Mariachi Fuego’ Helenium: Party time! This full sun perennial serenades you with masses of gold and orange daisy-like flowers. It looks like they are dancing on their wiry stems with the slightest breeze.

‘Mariachi Fuego’ is also drought- and disease-resistant. It gets bigger each year…grows approx. 18 – 20 inches tall the first year and 24 – 30 inches by the second year. A lovely splash of bright color for the garden! Zones 3 – 9.

Hibiscus Summerific Cherry Cheesecake‘Summerific Cherry Cheesecake’ Hibiscus: is a new winter-hardy variety of hibiscus that survives as far north as Zone 4. No, you don’t need to live in a tropical climate to grow this charming hibiscus!

This beauty develops huge, pale pink flowers that are delicately etched in dark cherry. The plants can grow five feet tall and four feet wide, so be sure to plant it in full sun where it has room to spread. It will be the talk of your neighborhood! Zones 4 – 9.

Glamour Girl Phlox‘Glamour Girl’ Phlox: The name sure fits this lovely tall garden phlox that blooms in full sun from mid-summer to late summer.

Healthy, bright green foliage topped with hot pink long-lasting panicles of fragrant flowers. The strong stems are bred to not flop over like some phlox varieties.

Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. The glowing color just pops! Zones 3 – 8.

Supreme Cantaloupe Coneflower ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ Coneflower: Hello gorgeous! I love the ripe cantaloupe colored blooms on this new echinacea. Coneflowers are known for being dependable and showy and this one sure fits the bill.

Compact, drought resistant, and a butterfly magnet all rolled in one. It looks like a brown-eyed double gerbera when young, then looks more like a coneflower as it ages. I think the peachy color would look stunning paired with a purple flowered companion. Zones 4 – 9.

Coreopsis Red Satin ‘Red Satin’ Coreopsis: A major color breakthrough for a coreopsis, ‘Red Satin’ produces a profusion of red-wine flowers with an orange center … held aloft on wiry stems with narrow, bright green foliage. There not just yellow anymore!

It’s a lovely plant that stays in bloom from midsummer until fall, especially if you remove the flowers as they fade. Grows 15 – 18 inches tall in a sunny, lightly dry location. Zones 5 – 9.

Monarda Balmy Purple ‘Balmy Purple’ Monarda (Bee Balm): An early flowering compact-sized monarda in a very pretty purple hue. The flowers and aromatic foliage are wonderful for cutting. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds will flock to it!

This deer and rabbit resistant plant loves sun and well-drained soil. Very reliable and long flowering plus extremely mildew resistant. Adds a welcome burst of color to the summer garden. Zones 4 to 9.

Anemone Pocahontas ‘Pocahontas’ Anemone: Part of the new Fantasy series. This one sports vigorous and compact growth, with loads of bubblegum, lavender pink double flowers with yellow centers.

It quickly fills a one or two gallon and a garden border in a gentle, clumping fashion. The plant is covered in blooms from July through October. Grows in full to part sun in moist, but well-drained soil. Cheery personified! Zones 5 – 8.

Brunnera_Alexanders_Great_21Brunnera ‘Alexander’s Great’: The foliage will wow you on this brunnera … a gigantic plant with heavy silvered leaves. A dramatic standout in the partial shade to full shade garden.

Prefers organic soils … must be well-drained but moist. Likes to dry slightly between watering. Alexander’s Great would be good planted in the garden or in a container to show off the neat foliage. Blooms blue in spring to early summer. Zones 4 – 8.

Heuchera Zipper Heuchera ‘Zipper’: The eye-catching ruffled foliage on this heuchera turns orange in spring and fall, a golden amber in summer and winter … with magenta-colored backs showing all year round. A lot going on!

Hardy all year long since it’s bred for good heat and humidity tolerance … as well as good cold tolerance. Grows in a mound about 8 to 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide. Very versatile plants … happy in full sun to full shade. Zones 4 – 9.

Black Truffle Cardinal Flower‘Black Truffle’ Cardinal Flower (Lobelia): Interesting and unique colored foliage starts out nearly black and fades to a deep iridescent maroon. The bright cardinal red flower spikes attract hummingbirds!

Likes full sun and average garden soil. Vigorous, upright and bushy perennial gets to 36 inches high when in flower, with a width 24 to 30 inches. Zones 3 – 8.

I like to buy perennials at local garden centers, garden club plant sales, and trusted online nurseries. Here’s our favorite online nursery for perennials. They have wonderful descriptions and images, including care tips, bloom periods, growth rates, optimal soil conditions and moisture levels to ensure success with your plants. A great merchant and resource!

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