Visiting Richmond, Indiana: The Rose City

Richmond Rose Garden

Join Flower Chick on a not-to-be-missed Zone 6 gardening destination – Richmond, Indiana. Situated just off of Interstate 70, this eastern Indiana community is home to the spectacular Richmond Rose Garden and adjacent Hayes Arboretum …

Located an hour east of Indianapolis, Richmond is a thriving small city of 35,000 that’s tucked along the Indiana – Ohio border. It’s only about 30 minutes from Oxford, Ohio, home of Miami University (Flower Chick’s alma mater a.k.a. Miami of Ohio) and an hour or so from Cincinnati …

For gardening enthusiasts, Richmond is a noteworthy destination. Roses and rose production have long been a part of the city’s history, so much so that Richmond boasts the nickname “The Rose City”. You’re in the midst of growing Zone 6 here in Richmond, and the final week of spring is an ideal time to visit. Warm days bring out the first blush of rose blossoms and nature comes alive throughout the area.

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Double Delight Rose - Richmond Rose Garden

One Of The Most Instantly Recognizable Hybrid Tea Roses – Double Delight

Join us as we explore the famous Richmond Rose Garden and one of the oldest bar and grills in the state. Welcome to Richmond, Indiana … The Rose City!


Glen Miller Park and the Richmond Rose Garden

You’ll reach Richmond by exiting Interstate 70 at Route 27, which takes you south into Richmond’s historic downtown. About a mile and a half east on Main Street will bring you to Glen Miller Park, home of the Richmond Rose Garden.

Richmond Rose Garden

The Picturesque Richmond Rose Garden – Gorgeous Blooms Abound!

A beautiful wide expanse of nature, Glen Miller Park is the city’s largest and best known green space. The park has quite a history, dating back almost 140 years. In addition to the famous rose garden, Glen Miller Park is known for its freshwater springs. Generations of locals have visited the park to fill their water containers, as the clear sparkling spring water is reputed to offer natural health benefits …

Did You Know? … Glen Miller Park is the 2nd oldest park in Richmond, Indiana. It dates back to 1885 and is named after railroad executive Colonel John Ford Miller. The “Glen” does not refer to a person’s name. “Glen” is a term in nature meaning a long valley with gently sloping sides …

At one time, the park was home to a golf course and a small zoo. The zoo was established in 1890 and closed to the public in the mid 1980’s after decades of gradual decline …

Over 50 years ago, Richmond became known as The Rose City, due to the presence of three prominent growers and marketers of cut roses. The park’s original rose garden was established in 1937, and fifty years later, a group of civic minded citizens spearheaded the revitalization and expansion of the new garden you see here today.

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Did You Know? … The Richmond Rose Garden is one of only 130 public display rose gardens in the United States. You’ll see over 1200 rose plants here representing over 100 varieties of roses …

The Beautiful & Well Kept Richmond Rose Garden Lovingly Tended By Volunteers

There are actually several rose gardens which make up the Richmond Rose Garden footprint. The first and largest is the main garden, established in 1987. Adjacent is the E.G. Hill Rose Garden, the original rose garden established here in 1937. You’ll also experience the Richmond Friendship Gardens, developed to honor Richmond’s relationship with their sister city of Zweibruken, Germany …

Entrance To The Rose Garden – Take Your Time & Take In The Splendid Fragrances

Newly installed QR codes will make it easier to find the name and information on your favorite roses in the garden.  Rose Garden Board President Beth Van Der Burgt has been busy the last several years identifying all the roses in the garden. A huge undertaking!

This is harder than it appears since many roses have been in the garden for years and have no identifying tags on them. Plus, there are approximately 100 varieties. This identification process was accomplished by observing the rose in bloom and researching its variety.

Richmond IN Rose Garden

The Majestic Queen Elizabeth Rose – First Introduced in 1954

Flower Chick’s Rose Favorites In The Garden Include:  Old School – Tropicana,  Queen Elizabeth, Pope John Paul II, Mr. Lincoln, Angel Face, Garden Party.

Newer Rose Favorites:  Julia Child, Twilight Zone, Brigadoon, Marmalade Skies, Lady in Red.

Roses are bred now to be more disease resistant, cold hardy, and easier to maintain without a lot of fuss. If you’ve tried roses in you garden and gave up due to them dying over the winter or being finicky – please try again!  They are one of the most rewarding perennials you can grow.  The Richmond Rose Garden is a great example of the types that thrive in Zones 5/6.

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The Richmond Rose A.A.R.S. Garden is open 365 days a year from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. There is no admission charged for visiting this peaceful and lovely garden. It’s wheelchair accessible and restrooms are available in Glen Miller Park at the concession building.  Flower Chick loved seeing people of all ages savoring the setting and taking photos amongst the roses.

Strolling through a rose garden in your planting zone is one of the best ways to determine which varieties will do well in your yard.  Jot down which ones catch your eye and are thriving!  Track them down from online nurseries or possibly local ones … and plant them in your garden.

The Purple Passion Of The Twilight Zone Grandiflora Rose 

Visit The Hayes Arboretum

Almost immediately to the east of Glen Miller Park is the Hayes Arboretum, a 330 acre site featuring old growth forest, ponds, wetlands, local wildflowers, and more …

Hayes Arboretum Richmond IN

The Hayes Arboretum Arch – We’ll Explore Next Visit!

While our schedule didn’t allow time for a personal visit, we’re told one of the Arboretum’s top attractions is a self guided driving tour through the grounds. Pick up a gate pass for $5 at the welcome center and follow the winding driving path through the Arboretum’s grounds …

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Lunch in Richmond, Indiana: The Oldest Bar in Town Beckons

Lunch time in Richmond, Indiana brings the welcomed opportunity to patronize one of the oldest bar and grills in the state. Located just a few blocks south of Richmond’s downtown area, the wonderful Legends Southside Bar & Grill dates back to 1858. It’s the oldest bar in Richmond, Indiana and the second oldest in the entire state …

Legends Richmond IN

When in Indiana, it’s customary to seek out a pork tenderloin sandwich, one of the state’s best known culinary offerings. Stop in at Legends Southside Bar & Grill for one of the best in eastern Indiana. The recipe and preparation method mirrors those from a popular former quick serve mini chain in this area called “Penguin”. Though the Penguin chain has passed into history, you can still experience their fantastic pork tenderloin sandwiches here in Richmond … the picture below tells the story!

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Pork Tenderloin Sandwich at Legends Richmond IN

Delicious Pork Tenderloin Sandwich At Legends In Richmond, IN

Popular with locals and visitors heading through town, this historic spot should be on your list if you’re seeking a great casual meal and a cold beer … after lunch on to Oxford, Ohio enroute to Cincinnati.

Robert Frost Wrote Re: Miami “The Most Beautiful Campus That Ever There Was”

Miami’s Conrad Formal Gardens

One of the most colorful and underrated photo spots on the Miami campus is the Conrad Formal Gardens on East Quad by the Marcum Center. With wandering stone paths, trees, flower beds, benches, and ponds, you can definitely find tranquility in this quiet, off the beaten path space.


We arrived in mid-June after a very hot spell … so the beds were a tad dry and some were not planted at all yet, but it was still a pleasant place to stroll. I didn’t know about this garden oasis when I was a student since I lived on the west and north sides of campus and rarely walked over to this area.  Wish I had!

The Arthur F. Conrad Formal Gardens have been on Miami’s campus since 1931. Established by the groundskeeper, Arthur F. Conrad, they were part of his mission to turn Miami University into one of the most beautiful college campuses through enhancing the natural appeal of the land.

Miami University Conrad Formal Gardens

Clematis Growing on Trellises and Sunflowers,Begonias, Salvia and More In The Beds

It is a little known fact that buried in the Formal Gardens is the body of the first president of Miami University, Robert Hamilton Bishop, which may have been the foundation for the ghost stories circulating around the gardens …

Did You Know? …  Miami University was founded in 1809, making it the second-oldest university in Ohio and the 10th oldest public university in the United States.  The 23rd U.S. President Benjamin Harrison attended Miami in the 1850’s.

Conrad Formal Gardens Miami University

Pretty Mix Of Textures and Colors At The Conrad Formal Gardens On The Miami Campus

Summary: Richmond, Indiana Rose Garden

Tucked along the Indiana – Ohio border, Richmond is the perfect rest stop for travelers along Interstate 70 or those heading south to Cincinnati …

Zone 6 gardeners will revel in the chance to experience the Richmond Rose Garden – our late spring visit coincided with roses approaching full bloom for the summer.

Richmond Rose Garden IN

‘Marmalade Skies’ Floribunda In Full Bloom At The Richmond Rose Garden

The Richmond Rose Garden was absolutely gorgeous in mid-June.  The best times to visit are June – September to see the roses blooming and at their peak.  Truly a stunning mix of healthy, well-cared for rosebushes. Definitely jot down your favorites so you can possibly add some of these beauties to your home gardens!

Thanks for coming along with us on our “Visiting Midwest Gardens” visit to the Richmond Rose Garden in Richmond, Indiana and Conrad Formal Gardens on the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio.

Stay tuned for more Zone 5 and Zone 6 gardening features and be sure to explore all the garden destinations linked below …

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