Trees and Shrubs For Fall Color


One of the greatest things about fall is nature’s spectacular color show! Vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves dangling from the trees. Bushes and shrubs flocked in a fiery red or bright yellow. The following are some of my favorites that thrive in zone 5 gardens and are all relatively easy care. Your yard will turn heads as these beauties display their fall plumage!

Keep reading for my favorite Zone 5 Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color …

Trees And Shrubs For Fall Color

Five Zone 5 & 6 Trees for Fall Color:

1. American Beech:

This stately tree is slow-growing and known for its familiar stout trunk. The smooth and slate-gray bark provides striking contrast against the deep green foliage. Beech nuts appeal both to wildlife and people as a sweet, nutritious snack.

In the fall the leaves turn coppery-gold making it a regal choice for a large yard …

2. Aristocrat Flowering Pear:
The Aristocrat Flowering Pear tree is a lovely specimen that is attractive in all four seasons. Masses of white flowers appear in early spring, followed by bright, glossy green, disease resistant foliage.

Leaves turn a deep to reddish-purple in mid to late fall to provide sumptuous fall color. Prized by landscapers because of the year around beauty it provides and tolerance to a wide range of soils.

3. Flame Amur Maple:

One of the smaller Maple trees with lovely spring flowers and a showy fall display. It rises to 15-20 feet with a spread of 15-28 feet. The Amur’s charmingly fragrant scent heralds spring each year with adorable clusters of dainty white/pale yellow flowers.

Leaves turn a bright, fiery red in the fall. A good tree for a specimen or screening with a medium growth rate …

4. Greenspire Linden:

Greenspire’s leaves are distinctly heart-shaped with serrated edges. This Linden has an oval shape and makes an excellent shade tree. Fragrant ivory-yellow flowers emerge in late June. Yellow fall color emerges on this easy to grow, low maintenance tree …

5. Ohio Buckeye:

The Ohio Buckeye is prized for its showy fall color and unique fruit. 6-inch long leaflets form a leaf structure that is reminiscent of a palm, bringing an added bit of interest to the landscape.

Spring brings clusters of bright yellow flowers to this interesting tree that will draw hummingbirds to your yard. As autumn approaches, the tree will transform to a brilliant bright orange!


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Five Zone 5 & 6 Shrubs for Fall Color:

1. Barberry Golden Ruby:

Extremely adaptable shrubs, but will not tolerate wet conditions. This variety made me a believer in barberries again after viewing the spring foliage which emerges fluorescent orange and matures to burgundy-maroon with a golden ring.

The colors intensify to a flame orange then to a brick red in fall. Excellent contrast shrub for the front of a border …

2. Burning Bush Compacta:

Brilliant red fall color makes the burning bush a very popular choice for home landscapes. A versatile shrub as well its wonderful as a hedge or screen, but can hold its own as an ornamental or foundation plant.

Easily pruned to the size you want it – this bush colors best in full sun. Low maintenance, insect and disease resistant this zone 5 favorite will not disappoint!

Fall Color Shrubs

3. Smokebush Golden Spirit:

Great accent plant with round leaves that emerge gold to lime green in the spring. Summer foliage matures to a rich green and does not scorch in full sun.

Spectacular fall color ranges from pink, orange and coral to red. A colorful and fun shrub for your garden …

4. Viburnum Summer Snowflake:
This charmer is a compact, dense, deciduous shrub which typically reaches 3′ to 5′ tall with a similar spread. In springtime, this viburnum blooms with clusters of snowflake-like white flowers which keep blooming all summer long.

The foliage turns a rusty red to bronze in the early fall and the flowers give way to bright red berries that are relished by birds. For best cross-pollination and resulting fruit display, plant shrubs in groups …

5. Witch Hazel:

Truly an extraordinary shrub in its flowering habits, the Common Witch hazel sprouts yellow flowers in late October to early December. Early growth is slow, and in fact remains slow throughout the life of the shrub in its typical partial-shady habitat.

This native plant is valuable for naturalized areas and large shrub borders. Foliage turns bright yellow in fall …


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Trees For Fall Color Zone 5