64 Best Gifts For Gardeners

Here are Flower Chick’s 64 Top Picks for the Best Gifts For Gardeners! These gardening gifts all meet my criteria: good quality, interesting, useful, and something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself (but would love to receive!) …

All are items a gardener would just love to receive as a gift. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, housewarming gifts, weddings, retirement parties … just about any occasion you need something special for a gardening enthusiast … from beginners to those with long-standing green thumbs.  There’s something here for everyone !

Here Are My 64 Best Gifts For Gardeners:

#1: Home Weather Station – Indoor / Outdoor Monitoring:

Home Weather Station Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Useful Home Weather Station

This will surely please the gardener in   your life!  What do those who love   gardening do more than anything else?   Well, check the weather forecast!  See if   rain is predicted, the temps inside and   out, and more useful info to make   educated decisions on caring for your   plants.

This Home Weather Station has you covered:

  • Accurately Measures Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Rain Fall
  • Includes Weather Ticker for Real-Time Home Weather Updates
  • Monitors Indoor and Outdoor Conditions with Remote Sensor
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Company Based in Lake Geneva, WI, USA – Since 1943

It’s easy to set up and install with a good range from the outdoor unit to the indoor base, doesn’t drop out the signal.  The data displayed is clear, precise and not complicated. Fun and interesting to use!  A great gift for gardeners of all ages.  View this useful Home Weather Station here …

#2: 11 Piece Garden Tools Set & More:


          Handy Garden Tool Set

As a rule, gardeners are organized individuals …

If you need a gift for the gardener in your life who likes things organized (or who can use a little help in that department), we’ve got a useful suggestion for you …

It’s a 11 Piece Garden Tools Set that includes a set of must have tools, useful accessories, and an attractive storage caddy with convenient slots for every piece …

The lightweight and durable tools include a hand rake, weeder, pruning shears, and transplanter and are crafted from rust resistant cast aluminum. They’re designed for decades of use but are easy to handle, even by gardeners with a touch of arthritis …

Also included are cotton gardening gloves and a handy 25 ounce spray bottle to keep your plants hydrated …

#3: Electric Countertop Composter:

Best Gifts For Gardeners

Electric composters are a great invention!  Especially for those of us with limited space outside (or inside).

The highly rated Lomi is able to create a high-quality, nutritent-rich dirt for your plants. It’s odor free, easy to use, and no mess. Reduce your carbon footprint!

Here are two reasons why it’s the best in class:

#1 is that it has internal sensors to ensure the temperature and humidity inside the bin is ideal for microbial growth and decomposition.

#2 reason is the inclusion of LomiPods with the organic waste. LomiPods introduce beneficial microorganisms to the waste that improve the quality of the end product for your plants.  Lomi allows you to turn your food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours.

Boost your plants while reducing your waste!  Reduce your kitchen waste by 50% to 80%!

More eco-friendly details here …

#4: Farmstead Raised Garden Beds:

Farmstead raised garden beds by FlowerChick.com

   Farmstead Raised Garden Beds

Love the idea of raised bed gardening! You can then grow anywhere! These Farmstead Raised Garden Beds are based on a 17th century design. Handcrafted of Vermont white cedar, these raised beds will last for many years and weather to a soft, silver grey.

They are easy-to-assemble (less than 5 minutes and no tools required) raised garden beds which are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Farmstead Raised Beds position the garden eight inches above ground level.

These quality beds can be stacked two, three, or four high creating a working surface that is 16, 24, or 32 inches high. Also, they are available in different sizes for the best fit for your yard and usage.

Raised beds can be placed directly on sod, lawn or even a weedy patch.  Once the bed is filled with soil, any weeds underneath will soon form a composted base.

New to raised bed gardening?  Go for it!  Some of the benefits include: less weeds, better water retention, better drainage, and more growing space.

#5: Deluxe Pot Mover:  

Deluxe Pot Mover Great Gifts for Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Deluxe Pot Mover

Sometimes the best gifts are ones that solve a problem … here’s one that is practical, handy, and back-saving.  If you love growing flowers or veggies in containers, you know how hard it can be to move large pots to a different location in your yard, or try to relocate them to the garage at the end of the season.

The deluxe pot mover to the rescue! This tough utility cart is built to carry up to 165 pounds. Perfect for moving heavy planters safely and easily.

Its rugged design includes an adjustable claw arm that holds both round and square planters, plus the large wheels effortlessly handle rough surfaces.  Made of both metal and plastic.  Requires light assembly.  A real back saver! How did I live without this???

#6: Folding Plant Stand:

Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Attractive, Folding Plant Stand

Showcase your favorite potted plants in this uniquely styled, multi-level folding plant stand.  Crafted in black metal, it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor use!

This folding plant stand is great for use in corners or other tight spaces. Love this for stylishly displaying your plant friends!  Get them off the floor and happy.

It is sturdy … but easy to move as seasons and light changes.  Three tiers to allow plants of different heights to stand out.  Folding plant stand measures 21½”w  x  20″h (when open).

The more I look at this … the more I want one!  Several of my larger houseplants would love to make this stand their home.


#7: Rose Gardening Gloves:


For Life’s Thorny Issues

This is one of the best gardening related gifts I’ve ever received …

Anyone who grows roses knows the pitfalls of getting near the thorns. It’s been said a few scrapes from thorns are a part of life. Maybe that’s true in some sense, but avoiding sharp objects sure sounds like a good idea to me …

These rose gardening gloves allow you to avoid life’s thorns and focus on the gardening task at hand. They’re puncture resistant, comfortable, and durable …

The longer length of these gardening gloves helps protect your forearms from scratches (and bug bites) and the knuckle guards provide added protection not only from roses, but all kinds of thorny plants (hello barberry). Ideal for heavy duty weed pulling too!

The palms of the gloves are made from durable synthetic leather and the reinforced fingertips allow you to tackle even the most difficult rose garden pruning …

A fabulous, economical gift … every gardener should own a pair!

#8: Cocktail Garden Kit:


     Cheers! Cocktail Garden Kit

If you’re anything like us, a good refreshing cocktail is just the tonic after a hard working afternoon in the garden …

And with that theme in mind, here’s a gift idea that encompasses both gardening and cocktail hour ..

It’s the Cocktail Garden Kit and it includes everything needed to grow a cocktail garden in one box …

If you’re wondering exactly what a cocktail garden means, it refers to many of the herbs and garnishes commonly used in classic cocktails. Included in this kit are seed tablets, peat discs, biodegradable peat pots, and complete step-by-step instructions to grow six plants to garnish your favorite drinks.

Designed to grow in a sunny window, balcony, or patio, you’ll harvest a bountiful supply of Lemon Balm, Hyssop, Lime Basil, Cuca Melon, Mint, and Blue Borage. Cocktail recipes are included in the kit to help spur your mixology skills and there are photographs of the finished drinks as inspiration …

A great gift for anyone who appreciates both gardening and Happy Hour, the Cocktail Garden Kit would be a welcome & creative present … Cheers!


Durable Gardening Workstation

#9: Outdoor Garden Work Bench Station:

We all have a work station at our homes and places of employment, so why not in our gardens?

If you or a special gardener on your gift list loves to stay organized and focused on the task at hand, this is the perfect gift choice …

Designed for durability, this gardening work station is ideal as a potting bench. The natural wood finish fits any garden decor (and can easily be colorfully painted to suit your taste) …

Measuring slightly less than four feet in height and width, the workstation features a handy side drawer and hooks for easy tool storage. It also offers both a lower shelf and upper working area so you can keep potting soil and planters handy while you’re preparing your plants …

Surprisingly affordable, this gardening workstation is a welcome addition to any hard working garden …


Indoor Lemon Tree

  #10: Indoor Fruit Trees:

We’ve long been big fans of these prolific little trees and have been amazed at all the new and interesting varieties introduced in the past few years …

Indoor fruit trees are a great gift – they’re container plants bred to thrive indoors. They   yield full size fruit and are surprisingly easy care (more about care tips in a minute) …

Most of these cute trees top off at 3-4 feet, so this is an ideal gift for small space   gardeners. It’s such a joy and sense of accomplishment to grow your own fruit … not to   mention a tremendous cost savings!

Care Tips … These hardy little container trees are remarkably pest free. They like well drained soil and they’re better off under watered than over watered – once a week is plenty.

Their key requirement is sunlight – these trees do best when placed in a sunny window, four seasons room, or enclosed patio. You can even place your indoor citrus tree outdoors for a few months in the warmer weather … they’ll appreciate it!

Some of the more popular varieties are Meyer Lemon, lime, tangerine, dwarf orange, pomegranate, and dozens more. They’re long lasting and will bear fruit for many years … a great gift for anyone on your list …

See The Full Selection Of Indoor Fruit Trees Here …

#11: Stepping Stone Kit:


Create a Lasting Garden Keepsake

Stepping stones are attractive additions to your garden landscape, offering not only textural interest but also a safety feature for you and your guests …

You can add stepping stones to create a walking path, define a garden border, or simply to provide visual interest to your outdoor living space …

This Garden Stepping Stone Kit is an ideal gift for anyone with an artistic flair. The kit includes everything needed to create useful and lasting garden keepsakes …

Inside the kit, you’ll find a reusable round plastic mold, a seven pound bag of stepping stone mix, and a wooden mixing tool. Also included is a special writing tool so you can personalize the stone if you wish .

The stones themselves are also a great gift if your gift recipient is more the “just give me the finished product” type …

#12: Steel Watering Can:


Gardeners Deserve a Good Quality Watering Can

Every gardener owns a watering can … but do they own a good watering can??

And by that, we mean a watering can of durable construction, one that won’t rust, crack, or split, and one that’s well, good looking …

We’re partial to this 2 1/2 gallon steel watering can featuring a vintage and classic look …

This sturdy model won’t rust, offers a sturdy grip handle, and carries enough capacity for all of your watering needs …

Yes, your gift recipient probably already has a watering can … but wouldn’t it be nice to give them an upgrade?? A fun gift idea would be to gift the watering can stuffed with some garden goodies inside. Perhaps seed packets, garden gloves, and a good pruner! Let your imagination run wild …

#13: Rain and Gardening Shoes:


Cute Rain / Gardening Shoes

Just as the old saying goes – experience is the best teacher …

For years I wore tennis shoes while gardening. After a few episodes of soggy, muddy, drenched shoes, switching to an old, beat up pair seemed like a good idea …

Well, that didn’t work out too well. The end result was an old beat up pair of tennis shoes that ended up soggy, muddy, and drenched!  Plus cold, soaked feet (ugh!)

Clearly, a better solution was in order and I’m pleased to showcase them on our 58 Best Gifts For Gardeners List.

They’re called Sloggers Women’s Rain & Garden Shoes and they feature an All Day Comfort insole …

These shoes are perfect for gardens that sometimes get muddy, i.e. every garden, and they’re super comfortable for jobs where you’re on your feet all day (nursing, customer service, teaching etc.). They’re even a comfortable pair to slip into around the house!

Best of all, when they get soiled, simply hose or wipe off and the solid shell finish will look as good as new …

We like the colorful pair shown (Midsummer Black Print) though there’s over two dozen different color and pattern choices …

It’s great to give your feet a well deserved break!

#14: Gardening Themed Dog Collars:

Your Pup Would Love a Cheery Collar … Upgrade Today!

Our dog Daisy used to love “helping” me whenever I was tending to tasks in our garden …

She’d always sniff the plants, checking to see what new additions were coming to her yard. I often think of her to this day whenever I’m spending a sunny afternoon out in the garden …

People have a special connection with their dogs, and dogs love to let their personalities show. If you or someone you know is a dog lover, why settle for a dull, drab collar? Yawn!

We love these Floral Dog Collars in colorful styles for both girl and boy dogs … available in all sizes whether you have a French Bulldog or a German Shepherd. There are also matching leashes and harnesses available …

Dogs are such an important part of our lives. They love to look good, and they’ll enjoy showing off a brand new collar at the dog park!

#15: Gift Roses For The Garden:

Flower Chick's Best Gardening Gifts Sure a bouquet of roses makes a nice gift, but do you know what’s much better?  A rose to plant in your/ their garden to enjoy year after year!  This thoughtful present lasts much longer than a bunch of cut roses … which lasts maybe a week.

Choose a rose that thrives in their gardening zone, and fits your recipient.  Do they like a certain color?  Perhaps the rose name stirs a cherished memory, or they’ve expressed an interest in a specific type of rose such as a floribunda, a climbing variety, a gorgeous hybrid tea rose or a groundcover beauty … the choices are endless in this category.  If you can’t decide, then go with a gift certificate so your recipient can choose the one that speaks to them.  Such a lovely and long-lasting present.  One they will associate with you year-after-year.

See the beautiful variety of garden roses here … Easy Care Roses For The Garden.


Water Conservation Rain Barrel

#16: 50 Gallon Water Conservation Barrel:

Experienced gardeners know the value of rain water for their plants … in addition to saving money on their water bills!

Why let Mother Nature’s fresh rain water run off into sewers, streets, or streams when you can easily collect and re-purpose it for your garden? This sturdy, handsome Rain Conservation Barrel is just the trick for any gardener wishing to collect and reuse rain water …

This very practical and green gift holds 50 gallons of fresh water, and when you’re ready to water your plants, just attach a garden hose to the durable brass shut off valve. It comes with a top screen that keeps out debris and insects and is crafted from long lasting weather resistant resin …

The water barrel sits on a stand (sold separately) and fits neatly in the corner of your garden or outdoor living space. It’s made in the USA and will take hundreds of dollars off your water bill over the course of a year …

A fantastic house-warming gift for the eco conscious folks on your list …


Foldable Garden Kneeler or Seat

#17: Foldable Garden Kneeler / Seat With Handles:

We love gift ideas that make our gardening life just a little bit easier …

If you find strenuous gardening activities tough on your knees, here’s a clever garden helper that’s designed to save some wear and tear …

It’s a Foldable Garden Kneeler & Seat With Handles – flip it upside down to use as a kneeler or right side up as a handy bench. Strong and durable, the bench has a 300 lb. capacity and the sturdy grip handles help you rise to your feet …

This weather resistant kneeler / seat combo folds up neatly and can be safely stored on a shelf or hanging from a garage hook. The durable foam padding is a life saver for your knees and provides a comfortable place to sit while taking a break …

Made from high quality steel tubing, this economical & practical gift idea will last for decades – it also comes with a removable garden pouch on the side to hold your favorite gardening tools …


Indoor Growing System – Cool!

#18: Indoor Gardening System:

We love these unique indoor gardening systems – they’re ideal for gardeners of any level and they’re especially appropriate for youngsters you’re seeking to introduce to the gardening hobby …

Compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter top, these revolutionary indoor gardening systems are designed to grow herbs, plants, and vegetables all year around indoors. Each unique system comes with its own LED grow light to ensure perfect lighting conditions and maximum growth and harvest.

Best of all, the indoor gardening system requires no green thumb! Just drop in your choice of seed pellets (included) and set the easy-to-use control panel to set lighting then follow the instructions from set up to harvest …

There’s no soil or mess … this is a hydroponic system … so the plants grow in water. Use the included nutrient packs and you’ll be harvesting your herbs and vegetables in four to six weeks. Fun, educational, and economical!

Some of the growing choices include Heirloom Salad Greens, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Red Cherry Tomatoes, Cascading Petunias, and more. Everything you need to grow and harvest your plants is included in the system …

Click here for more information about this cool (& healthy) gift …

#19:  Stone-like Planter:

Beautiful Planters for Inside or Out

If you’re considering gift ideas for gardeners, a good rule of thumb is to give something you’ll know they’ll use …

Every gardener will always appreciate a planter! This elegant, classic Imitation Stone Planter will make an attractive addition to any garden decor …

This planter is available in a selection of different sizes and color patinas, making each piece a distinct original. It will age beautifully and naturally in any outdoor environment.

For convenience, the planter comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole. It’s lightweight (unlike stone) and can be easily moved around your garden. Just add garden soil, plants, and sit back and enjoy!


Glass & Metal Hummingbird Feeder – Ready for Guests!

#20: Decorative Glass & Metal Hummingbird Feeder:

If you know a gardener who enjoys attracting hummingbirds to their garden, here’s a gift idea that’s right up their alley …

It’s a decorative glass and metal hummingbird feeder, specifically designed to attract hummingbirds like no other …

This heavy duty, attractive feeder is crafted from high quality stress tested metal and glass so it won’t chip or break like cheap plastic hummingbird feeders. They’re 100% guaranteed to attract hummingbirds – just fill with nectar and sit back and watch the fun!

Designed to last for decades, this feeder measures about 6.5 inches high and across. If you’d like some helpful advice on attracting hummingbirds to your garden, be sure to read my post Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds


Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

#21: Bonsai Tree Kit:

Did you know bonsai trees are extremely easy to grow?

Bred to thrive indoors, these decorative little trees are symbols of peace, good luck, and prosperity. This handy Bonsai Tree Kit contains everything needed to grow four beautiful bonsai trees …

Included in the Bonsai Tree Kit are four organic seed packets. four peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and complete instructions. It’s a great introduction to the bonsai tree culture and a fun gift for gardeners of all ages …

Bonsai trees can be grown in the smallest of living spaces, from small apartments on up. These small trees have become a worldwide phenomenon and this Bonsai Tree Growing Kit is an especially appropriate gift for young gardeners …


Perfect Basket for Veggies / Flowers

#22: Garden Harvesting Basket:

Here’s a unique Made in the USA gift idea just perfect for farmers markets, harvest time, and any time you need to tote items around the garden …

It’s a medium sized Garden Harvesting Basket, crafted in North Carolina from reclaimed wood from old tobacco farms. Measuring about 16 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 12 inches high, these baskets are more than sturdy enough to carry weight bearing vegetables like potatoes, onions, and root plants …

You’ll love the rustic, natural look of the basket – they’re made from old tobacco sticks once used to spear and harvest tobacco leaves. Each basket is hand made and no two are totally alike!

The wire mesh forming the basket is made from weather resistant galvanized steel and the wood itself is coated with food grade non toxic mineral oil to preserve the integrity and character of the wood …

This versatile, decorative basket is crafted to last for decades and beyond, making it a great gift for a gardener to hand down to the next generation …

Saker Cordless Chainsaw

#23:  Mini Cordless Chainsaw:

This little chainsaw is a real gem!  It works well for small jobs in the yard. It’s perfect for those intimidated by the weight and size of their large “cousins”.

The nifty lightweight tool allows you to do what needs to be done without having to rely on someone else to help you cut thick branches.

Customers like the size, quality, and battery life of the chainsaw. They mention that it’s a handy little tool that gets into tight spaces and is perfect for small tree limbs, shrubs, and other woody plants. They also appreciate the two batteries included that last for hours and recharge very quickly.

The kit comes in a rugged plastic case with metal hinges and latches. The chainsaw sits inside, along with two 20 volt lithium batteries, a power charger, a droplet bottle of oil, an extra chain, a pair of goggles, a pair of safety gloves, a little screwdriver and a lug wrench to tighten the chain.  Perfect for gardeners!

Several sizes available … read more here!

#24: Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse:

A greenhouse is a special haven for the gardener!  A place to practice horticultural alchemy, as well as lifting the spirits on those wet, cold, dull days we so often experience with the change of seasons. It’s a shelter from the weather, a place for quiet reflection, and somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life …


Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

This Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse provides the perfect balance of controlled conditions along with small space gardening in an ergonomically compact greenhouse. Measuring 6 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet, it features a vented roof for consistent air flow and a magnetic sealed door to stabilize conditions …

Crafted from durable twin wall polycarbonate, the greenhouse blocks harmful solar UV radiation and provides a diffused light environment. The risk of plant burn is eliminated and growth conditions are maximized. Integrated rain gutters create a sustainable watering system and the sturdy construction features a galvanized steel base and panels that retain their clarity and durability over the years …

No special tools are required for assembly and the greenhouse carries a generous five year warranty …

Perfect as a housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift for the serious gardener!

#25: Succulents Are Awesome!  Why Not Make A Succulent Wreath?

Succulents are extremely popular right now … not only are they low maintenance, they are beautiful and versatile.  Succulent plants have a unique adaptation that enables them to tolerate limited watering better than most houseplants.

Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

      Succulents Are All The Rage

Tired of ho-hum old grapevine wreaths adorned with dried flowers and pinecones? Then   make a living wreath of   succulents, an earthy, modern   option for door or wall decor.

These jewel-like plants are hardy  enough to live in a   wreath of sphagnum moss. Just give them water, sunshine and an occasional shot of fertilizer and they’ll thrive!

This is the perfect gardening project for all ages.  Once you make one for a gift, you’ll want to make one for yourself!

First you will need a pack of hardy succulents.  The ones we’ve selected are  hand-picked. You will receive a unique collection of species that are fully rooted.  They are way more appealing than artificial plastic or faux plants, and care is a cinch.

Need further inspiration? Check out this fun instructional video:  How To Make A Succulent Wreath

#26: Garden Hose Organizer:

What’s one of the most frustrating issues for outdoor gardeners?  Dealing with unwieldy, kinked, and tangled watering hoses … definitely one of my pet peeves!


Eliminate Garden Hose Twisting & Tangling

No matter how hard you try to keep hoses neat and organized, they always have a way of tangling or knotting … usually when you’re in the middle of a watering task …

I’m pleased to tell you about this retractable hose reel with convenient hose guide. Featuring a convenient wall mount capability, the hose organizer eliminates the need to bend and crank the hose when you’re finished watering.

When you’re ready to use your hose, a short tug releases it from the locking mechanism and the integrated hose guide prevents tangling and twisting. A sturdy steel spring retraction system quickly and easily guides the hose back into the caddy when you’re done …

Included is a useful hose guide bracket for storage of nozzles, spray heads, and other accessories …

When the colder weather arrives, simply lift the hose organizer off the bracket for frost and ice free storage in your basement or garage …

A great housewarming, wedding, or gift for your favorite young couple, this convenient hose organizer takes the angst out of garden watering tasks!


#27: Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small Space Solutions

Knowledge is king, and half the battle for gardeners, particularly when it comes to successful vegetable gardening …

Many of us don’t have the luxury of large gardens, so it’s imperative to use every foot to its maximum potential. With that in mind, we’re so pleased to introduce you to these practical and approachable online courses on a variety of gardening topics … the first we’d like to tell you about is Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small Space Solutions.

Seven video lessons, accessible any time and with permanent access, explore a variety of topics to ensure successful small space vegetable gardening, along with dozens of tips, tricks, and helpful advice. Discover the optimal planting locations, best practices for container gardening, and the ultimate space saving option, vertical gardens …

You’ll also learn which vegetable plants work best in specific sunlight conditions, tips to create free fertilizer from kitchen scraps, and much more (see Gift Idea #26 below … for more on this green topic!)

Included are downloadable class resources to stay organized and you can watch from any device at any time.

A fantastic gift … even for yourself!

#28: Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler:

Miracle Gro Compost Tumbler

You’ve heard about the benefits of compost for your garden, and how you can turn kitchen scraps into beneficial fertilizer for your plants …

Here’s a great gift idea for all gardeners from beginners to experts – it’s the Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Composter and it holds up to four bushels of compost made from your household waste …

This 2-chamber compost tumbler allows you to add compost ingredients to 1 side, while waiting for the other side to cure. And with internal mixing bars that speed up the decomposition process, you can expect rich, fertile compost in just 4-6 weeks!

This nifty and efficient tumbler system is the simple way to get perfectly “cooked” compost without having to dig, turn, and mix by hand. All you have to do is open the easy-sliding door, add your scraps to the bucket, and turn the handle 5-6 times every few days. Easy!

The fully enclosed design prevents odors and keeps pests and animals out … plus it’s made from recycled plastic and conveniently comes with a pair of free heavy duty gardening gloves … start composting today!

#29: Nature Inspired Trellis:

FlowerChick.com/101-best-gifts-for-gardenersFeaturing a rustic weathered appearance, this five foot tall trellis is adorned with natural flowing shapes of leaves, branches, stems, and birds …

Perfect for climbing plants, this nature themed trellis is a tasteful and practical addition to your decor. It’s crafted from strong welded steel for decades of durability and is wide enough to artfully display all your climbers …

Insert the trellis into a planter or use it as a stand alone – use two or more as a nature inspired room divider or screen!

Clematis, roses, mandevilla or any long-stemmed climbing  plants will work well to create an attractive display …

#30: Gardening Is Dirt Cheap Therapy:

Well now there’s a true statement if I ever heard one!

FlowerChick.com/101-best-gifts-for-gardenersThis good looking t-shirt, is available in several different colors like light blue, grey, brown, and an eye catching purple. The shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and features double stitched sleeves and a bottom hem.

Stylish enough to be worn out with friends and equally appropriate for digging in the dirt, this gardening themed shirt comes in both men’s and women’s fits …

There’s all sorts of other gardening related sayings available too!

A fun gift for the gardener on your list … sure to make him / her smile!

#31: Mini Greenhouse:

Mini, Compact Greenhouse

If you or someone you know likes the idea of a greenhouse but are dealing with a small space and can’t accommodate one, here’s a perfect solution …

This unique Mini Greenhouse offers all the benefits of a full sized greenhouse with only a fraction of the footprint and cost. The 4 shelf greenhouse can be put together in a snap with minimal assembly required.

Featuring side mesh panels for aeration and ventilation, the mini greenhouse has enough space for taller plants like tomatoes, melong, squash, etc. It’s quick and easy to access with a zippered front door.

The overall dimensions: 27.25”(L) x 19”(W) x 63”(H)  … compact enough for balconies, patios, decks, or indoors in a kitchen, loft, four season room …

If you find yourself needing to extend the growing season or wanting to get a jumpstart on the next season, your solution is here!

Plants & Bulbs - Shop Now - BloomingBulb


Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com#32:  Pollinator Love Gift Set:

Give the gift of pollinators! Providing food for pollinators should be on everyone’s spring garden to-do list, so spread the love with these customized flower mixes that will lure butterflies and bees to your special gardener friend’s flowerbed.

This wonderful garden gift set includes:

  • Save the Bees Flower Mix – Provide food for bees (and butterflies) with this colorful mix of blooms.
  • Milkweed Butterfly Flower – This vivid, red-orange perennial is a nectar-providing host plant for butterflies.
  • Precious Pollinators Mix – Protect our precious pollinators with this beautiful mix of food and nectar plants.
  • I Love Pollinators Sticker – Spread the word! Help make aiding pollinators #1 on everyone’s list with this colorful bumper sticker.
  • Tote Bag – This colorful 13″ x 14″ sturdy tote bag is not only handy but attractive. Custom printed from 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled plastics.

Order this great Pollinator Love Gift Set … right here!

Best Gifts For Gardeners#33: Seed Sprouter Gift Set:

Everything a sprout-lover needs to grow sprouts all year! Each beautifully packaged set contains a BPA-free sprouter, instruction and recipe booklet, and four of our most popular sprouting seed varieties.

Gift set includes:

  • Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter – Our new and improved, uniquely designed BPA-free sprouter is the EASIEST way to grow 1, 2, 3, or 4 kinds of delicious sprouts at once!
  • Salad Mix – Add a spark of flavor and color to your salads and meals with this special mix that highlights the flavor of each component in a perfect balance.
  • Sandwich Mix – The sweet, mild flavors of alfalfa and red clover mixed with just enough spicy radish to add lively flavor and texture to your sandwiches.
  • Broccoli – A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that may protect against many diseases with crunchy texture and spicy flavor.
  • Red Clover – With a flavor similar to alfalfa sprouts, crisp clover sprouts provide essential nutrients including many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A thoughtful gift for those who like to eat healthy and enjoy growing edible plants all year round!

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Drill Till 3-in-1 Tool

#34: Drill Till:

It’s all about making things easier …

We love seeing new creative gardening tools that make our gardening life more efficient. Smart, economical, space saving tools make excellent gifts and here’s one we really like …

The Drill Till is a revolutionary three-in-one tool for weeding, tilling, and digging holes. As you can see, it’s operated when standing up, saving wear and tear on your back and knees (yay!) …

The Drill Till is designed for use with a cordless drill. It’s equipped with a heavy duty yet lightweight 36 inch metal shaft and stabilizer bar for precise tasks. This durable gardening tool allows you to dig holes, plant flower bulbs, and more all while standing up …

Also included is a “Weed Out” attachment that quickly and easily purges weeds by the roots … no more bending and straining! Everything you need is included … a tilling head for tilling and aerating, a hole digger for effortless planting, and the weeding attachment.

Made in the USA!

#35: Copper Plated Dogwood Birdbath:

One of the purest joys of gardening is the presence of lovely, happy birds …

64 Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

    Copper Plated Birdbath

We cherish their visits to our     gardens during the four seasons –   and we like to help them out with   this attractive “rest stop” …

This beautiful garden accent and   birdbath will welcome pollinating   bees, as well as birds, to your yard   with its unique, attractive styling.   The dogwood motif is a fitting   tribute to Virginia’s state flower and tree.  Crafted in copper-plated stainless steel.  28″h with stake x 12″ dia.

All bird species need water, and adding one or more water features to your yard will quickly attract feathered friends!  Birds need water for two reasons: drinking and preening.

Water helps keep a bird’s body cool both from the inside and outside. Water baths can also remove dust, loose feathers, parasites and other debris from a bird’s plumage.

Offering water in your backyard will attract more birds than just food sources, since birds that would not normally visit feeders can be tempted by water features. Gift this pretty and useful garden accent to your favorite gardener!


Multi Function Yard Cart

#36: Multi Function Yard Cart:

We love the versatility of this study, reliable garden workhorse …

Handling three functions in one piece of equipment, this multi function 2 wheeled yard cart pulls triple duty. Not only is it a traditional cart to tote plants, soil, and tools, but it’s also a dolly and wheelbarrow …

Featuring durable, all steel construction with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this versatile cart converts (tool free) to a dolly, flower pot mover, trailer puller, mulch bag carrier … whatever you have in mind for it to do!

We especially like the over sized flat-free tires and the handy fold out extension arm designed to tote bulky items, tools, and other garden necessities …

This cart also features a patented ergonomic design allowing you to transport all your heavy items perfectly centered as an easily managed load …

Great as a housewarming gift!  It will come in handy …


All In One Micro Sprinkler Kit

#37: Premium All-In-One Sprinkler Kit:

For all your watering needs on autopilot, we like this really cool Made in the USA premium all-in-one sprinkler kit. Designed to water well over 400 square feet of landscape area, the kit features a mechanical timer which automatically triggers shut off so you don’t waste water …

Resistant to even the most extreme climate conditions, it includes over 100 feet of 1/2 inch poly tubing to string through your landscape and ensure watering of even the most remote plants …

You can also control water flow by using the ten stake assemblies included …

A “set it and forget it” watering solution for even the most complex gardens!


Lightweight Tiller & Cultivator

#38: Lightweight Tiller / Cultivator:

If you or someone you know likes to plant flowers, vegetables, and bulbs, chances are excellent they’d benefit from this gift idea …

Designed to handle heavy duty tasks in tight spaces, the lightweight combo tiller and cultivator shown above is just the ticket.

It has a compact nine inch width … perfect for crowded garden beds and irregular spaces. The adjustable tines can be set to dig and till anywhere from two to ten inches of soil, making this the perfect cultivating tool for any job …

Featuring easy grip handles and finger controlled throttle, the combo tiller & cultivator weighs in at only 24 pounds. It’s easy to maneuver and folds up for easy storage … Also included is a handy kickstand for use when fueling or taking a short break … great idea!

Remember … to do the job right, you need the right tools!


Cut Flower Display Vase Gift Set

#39: Small Cut Flower Vases:

For a distinctive appealing display of your best cut flowers, here’s a gift idea that’s sure to bring a smile to faces …

This set of small cut flower vases in differing shapes offers delicate beauty to any room. They feature an intricate cut glass design that’s noticeable but small enough to fit anywhere …

We love the differing shapes … the set ranges from vases about three to four inches tall. A charming and economical gift, these vases will beautifully display the season’s best … a welcome conversation starter.

64 Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Bromeliads Make Great Gifts!

 #40: Air Cleaning Houseplants:

Bringing plants into your home   improves your space and provides health benefits for you and your family.   Studies show that indoor plants clean the air by removing toxins, increasing   humidity, and producing oxygen.

Living with plants can be therapeutic by reducing stress, boosting your mood, and increasing productivity. Houseplants transform your home into a green leaved sanctuary where you can relax and grow with your plants!

The best part of about houseplants is the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that they come in! Houseplants make great gifts as they can catch your eye with their variegated foliage, beautiful blooms, or intricate structure.

For “plant parent” newbies, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants to adorn the living space. Devil’s Ivy or Pothos is a great starter plant that will quickly trail down your bookshelf. Sansevieria, the highly popular Snake plant, boasts an impressive vertical habit and will tolerate low light conditions …

Explore all the houseplant options … By Clicking Here

#41:Wildflowers Hand Painted Wine Glass:


Flower Power for Happy Hour!

Here’ a classy and whimsical gift idea for that gardening friend who also appreciates a nice glass of wine …

Check out this wildflowers hand painted wine glass … it’s the most colorful wine glass we’ve ever seen!

Delivered in a beautiful decorative gift box, each wine glass includes a classic cocktail recipe on the bottom …

The glass holds an extra generous pour (15 ounces) … happy gardening and cheers!

#42: Five Tiered Vertical Gardening:


Five Tiered Vertical Planter

If you or someone you know loves to garden but your / their surroundings are a little space challenged, this gift idea fits in perfectly …

Vertical gardening is the answer to space limitations, and this five tiered vertical gardening planter is versatile and brilliantly designed …

The planter includes five heavy duty 18 inch diameter pots which allow you to grow multiple plants or vegetable crops in a small space, either indoors or outdoors. The design is smart and efficient – the self watering pot can be placed at the top. All you do is water the top pot and the rest are watered as well!

Proudly made in the USA, this planter allows you to simplify your gardening life … simply plant and stack!

Perfect for patios, balconies, or anywhere you’re limited in gardening space … Makes a great conversation piece too!

#43: Outdoor Garden Storage Shed:


 Garden Shed – Roomy & Useful!

We love the looks and practicality of this sturdy outdoor garden storage shed, and think it’s an excellent housewarming gift idea for someone on your list or even yourself!

It stands 8′ by 6′ and 8 feet high and offers contemporary lines and a neutral color to match any garden landscape. Constructed from heavy duty durable resin, this garden storage shed stands up to any weather conditions and won’t leak, crack, or rust …

The shed’s interior features almost 300 cubic feet of storage space, locking double doors, and a reinforced floor for added stability. It’s vented on the front panel for air flow and offers a side window and skylight to allow natural light …

The ultimate in form and function, the garden storage shed comes with two shelves with brackets. Steel reinforced construction and a ten year warranty offer long lasting peace of mind … learn more about this unique storage shed here

#44: Colorful Poppy Print Umbrella:


Cheery Poppy Print Umbrella

Sometimes the rain might put a damper on gardener’s moods, but not when you’re carrying this one of a kind colorful umbrella!

We love the cheerful vibrancy of this umbrella’s print

This foldable umbrella is made from 100% waterproof fabric and contains eight strong aluminum ribs for extra strength … and it folds up small but opens up big.

It opens to a generous 25 inches high and 43 inches wide – enough to keep two gardeners dry!

#45: Collapsible Yard Container:

64 Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Convenient Pop Up Yard Bag

What a handy garden helper!  This 30 gallon pop-up bag will lighten the load of your yard chores.  It’s ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings, other types of yard waste, or even scattered toys, or laundry off the clothesline …

This bag conveniently folds to 3 inch for space-saving storage in your garage, shed or basement.  When popped up the dimensions are 2.5L x 23.5W x 23.0H inches.  An ingenius internal spring pops it up for use!

The collapsible container also features a heavy-duty plastic base that helps protect and prolong the bag for long term use. It won’t tear if dragged over rough terrain. The base includes drain holes ensuring water doesn’t collect and cause mold.  All this and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Click Here to discover this handy helper …

Best Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

#46: Woodlink Lake & Cabin Buffalo Plaid Ranch Feeder:

Life is better with birds! Watch birds feed from all four sides of this cool feeder. Attract clinging birds, like woodpeckers and nuthatches to feed on suet, while others perch on the two feeding trays for a treat.

Holds 5 lbs. of any seed with two suet cakes, perfect for attracting a variety of birds.  This wooden hopper feeder has a metal roof and forest green, red and buffalo plaid accents. Made from clear-coated cedar, which resists insects, decay and weather so your bird feeder lasts a long time.  Measures 13-1/2 x 9-3/4 x 9-3/8 inches tall.

  • Holds 5 lbs. seed and 2 suet cakes
  • Sturdy wood construction with protective green metal roof
  • Roof hinges for easy cleaning and filling
  • Hangs with an attached cable

See the full line of bird feeders here!

#47: Bamboo Plant Labels:

Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.com

Classy Way To Label Plants

This eco-friendly plant label set includes 60 pieces and a marking pen. Perfect to identify and mark all sorts of plants, seeds, herbs or vegetables in the garden.

The garden markers are made from 100% natural bamboo that does no harm to the earth unlike plastic plant labels … this is an environmentally safe way to go with a renewable resource.

The plant labels themselves are easy to write on with a smooth, attractive surface.  A bonus permanent marking pen will not wash off in the rain or fade in the sunshine.

Measuring at 4″ tall x 2.36″ wide on top, these T-type plant markers have enough room to label more than just the plants names on them. Each marker is 1/16″ thick rendering them very durable and weather resistant.

These bamboo plant tags will add charm to the garden while letting you know exactly what the plants are long after they are put in the ground.  A practical and appealing gift for any gardener!

#48: Hand Pruner With Rotating Handle:


Rotating Handle Gardening Pruner

Any gardener who has done pruning knows it’s hard work … especially on the fingers and hands. Blisters and callouses are part of the territory when pruning your roses, bushes, and trees ..

We were introduced to this hand pruner with rotating handle by a gardening colleague and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s so easy and convenient to use that we actually look forward to pruning!

Here’s how it works …

This ergonomically designed pruner has a rotating handle that revolves on its axis, allowing the fingers to move naturally. The net result is less hand fatigue and blisters because the swiveling action of the blades requires a lot less effort …

We especially like the ease of replacing blades and the narrow point design, making it easy to do close pruning (handy for roses!).

A wonderfully practical gift for any level of gardener, it includes complete instructions and easy care maintenance tips …


Adjustable Wand – Lots of Choices!

#49: Rain Watering Wand:

What type of rain patterns do your plants like best?

Light mist, steady, a good soaking rain?

This clever rain wand features nine, count ’em, nine water patterns from light mist to strong showers …

Adjustable with the simple turn of a dial, the rain wand offers a one touch thumb valve so you can efficiently save water and switch settings from plant to plant. It’s crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum and is available in six eye catching colors …

Let it rain!

#50: Pro Food Dehydrator:

Best Gift For GardenersDid you know you can easily create healthy, satisfying snacks at home using your very own fruits and vegetables?

We love this portable Pro Food Dehydrator that lets you naturally preserve and dry fruits and vegetables without the use of chemicals or other artificial methods …

Portable and easy to use, this dehydrator uses an included rear mounted fan which promotes universal, even drying. There’s an adjustable thermostat and automatic shut off which ensures your snacks are dehydrated to optimal temperature and crispness …

Complete detailed instructions are included, along with hundreds of suggestions for how to use the Pro Dehydrator. It includes six spacious adjustable stainless steel drying racks to give you plenty of room to accommodate a wide variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Everything you need to create your own array of healthy snacks is included. From dried fruit slices to preserving herbs to chewy beef jerky, this little powerhouse does it all!  Think of the possibilities … this dehydrator is perfect for making healthy beef jerky, snacks, fruit leathers, dog treats, bread crumbs, yogurt, and for preserving herbs, flowers, and much more!


Solar Garden & Patio Lights

#51: Solar Outdoor Lights:

We love the look and performance of these solar powered outdoor lights and best of all, they install in seconds and require no wiring …

Waterproof and heat proof, these stylish LED lights are motion activated and feature a sensing range of ten feet. The automated switch turns on when darkness falls and automatically deactivates in the morning …

Ideal for walkways, back patios, decks, or anywhere light is needed, these long lasting solar lights are the ultimate in safety and security …


Ergonomic Hand Held Blower

#52: Handheld Blower:

Know a guy or gal who loves getting rid of leaves, grass, and dirt off driveways and sidewalks around the garden?  Power tools can be fun!

They will completely appreciate this lightweight yet very high powered handheld blower. A newly released model, this blower powers through any type of lawn debris with the push of a button … blast them away for a clean space.

Featuring high efficiency and ergonomic design, this handy tool gives you total power control. There’s a built in variable speed trigger and speed lock to make sure the job gets done fast …

A great gift idea that’ll last for decades of use!


Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake

#53: Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake:

Probably just like you, we’ve known lots of dog friends through the years …

Some were ours, some were friend’s dogs, and others were from the neighborhood and loved to join us for outdoor happy hours …

We think of them often, and even though they’re gone, they all left their paw prints on our hearts …

Dogs are very special creatures. Their loyalty knows no bounds and all they want is to make you happy. Even when you’re having the world’s worst day, they’re happy to see you and sense your moods …

Celebrate and remember the warm memories of your best four legged friend with this classy and dignified personalized pet memorial garden stake.  It comes with free personalizing and is made from durable wrought iron …

The stake easily inserts into the ground and can easily be moved to different locations …

A thoughtful, sympathetic gift honoring your (or a loved ones) beloved canine companion … click here for more info on creating a memory garden.


Move Your Plants With Ease

#54: Plant Dolly:

Gardeners know that every once in a while (and sometimes more often) plants need to be moved around …

Whether it’s due to conditions, general work around the garden, or any number of reasons, there’s always a need to move heavy pots and planters from Point A to Point B …

And that’s where this sturdy plant dolly comes in. This workhorse moves large plants indoors and outdoors with ease …

Featuring durable steel castors with rubber wheels, the plant dolly handles loads up to 500 pounds. The swivel castors let you easily maneuver the plant into place and the quality construction means this dolly will last for decades and then some …

A very practical gift idea for the gardener who likes to move things around … and isn’t that most of us??


Easily Plan Your Landscape Online!

#55: Home Landscape Designer:

Though we’re big advocates of buying quality, we’re also all about reasonably priced gift ideas …

Anyone who has ever hired a landscape designer knows things can get really expensive, really fast. And that’s one reason we like this clever 3D Home Landscape Designer, which allows you to “design your own” by gathering inspiration from a wide variety of sample plans already done by professional landscape designers …

For use on your PC, tablet, or other mobile device, this interactive online tool allows you to browse the built in Plant Encyclopedia and over 7500 plant suggestions. The Encyclopedia comes with plant photos, descriptions and complete care tips so you’ll know what will work best for your outdoor space …

Best of all you can also access the Landscape Changer feature, which shows you right on screen how your landscaping will look with the change of seasons or progression over time … very cool and fun to play with!

An addicting yet practical gift idea for any gardener who likes to explore the “what if” …

#56: Indoor Wall Garden:


Indoor Wall Garden

We really enjoy learning about all the interesting advances in the field of gardening, particularly when it comes to innovative space saving solutions …

You’ll love the bountiful output from this revolutionary indoor wall garden, designed not only to look good but reward your family with bumper crops of fresh produce. It makes indoor gardening a breeze and best of all, your plants will grow without chemicals or pesticides …

A vertical garden concept, these wall units use a patented “smart soil” technology to integrate indoor gardening into any home or office indoor space.

Choose from a selection of four planting packages … salad, herb, flowers, or tea kits and start your very own indoor vertical farm. As you can see from the image shown, the set up resembles a modern style bookcase, except instead of novels and best sellers, you’re boasting a thriving indoor farm!

A unique and long lasting gift for your own home as well as any gardener who enjoys playing in the dirt all year round …


Fairy Garden Starter Kit

#57: Miniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit:

Introduce someone special to the magic of a fairy garden with this fun, whimsical fairy garden starter kit. This beautiful set includes eleven hand painted weather resistant pieces to create an adorable inviting display …

From the charming Misty Meadows Cottage to the distinctive cobble stone wall, the fairy garden starter kit invites a world of possibilities. It includes a set of two flowered chairs, a singing bird bath, a blooming flowered shepherd’s hook, and more …

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a six ounce bag of perfectly sized fairy garden landscape pebbles to complete the decor …

A great gift idea to help children connect with nature!

#58: Microgreen Kits:

Flower Chick's Gifts For Gardeners

Easy To Grow Microgreen Kits

This is a genius way to grow fresh microgreens in a small   space! All you do is send for a starter set, fill the tray with   water, plop in a seed quilt, and harvest your greens in one   week. Yes, it’s that easy!

All seeds are non-GMO, and most options are organic   (Energizing Kale, Fragrant Fenugreek, Hearty Broccoli,   Spicy Daikon Radish, Earthy Clover, and Sweet   Wheatgrass). They don’t need a lot of light or care.

This is a surefire way to convert plant killers into plant lovers!  Because you don’t have to remember to water, there’s nothing to mess up.

Check out the Microgreen Kit Options … easy peasy way to have fun and eat healthy!

#59: Massage Your Soreness Away:

Best Gifts For Gardeners at FlowerChick.com

Give The Gift Of Massage!

One thing about gardening we can all relate to … sore muscles after digging in the dirt, bending over to pull weeds, and lugging heavy bags of mulch.  Every gardener could use their own massage chair!

This Shiatsu Massaging Seat Topper will gently melt away tension to help relax overworked muscles. The delicious rolling massage with width adjustment and soothing heat in the back and seat allow for ultimate comfort and relief.

Convenient height adjustment hits the highs and lows of the neck and back while the handheld remote allows you to toggle between 3 massage zones — upper back, mid back, or lower back.

Enjoy your massage at home or on the go using the integrated strapping system designed to fit most standard-sized chairs.

Give the gift of massage … Click Here For The Many Options

#60:  Monticello Flora & Fauna Skincare Set:

Monticello Flora & Fauna Skincare Set bst gifts for gardeners by FlowerChick.comInspired by the famed Monticello’s gardens, this luxurious skincare collection is made with essential oils with aromas of lemon peel, orange peel, jasmine, lavender, rosemary marjoram, and juniper berries. Ahhh!

Packaged in a vibrant floral tote featuring original artwork, the set includes a luxurious 16 oz. body scrub, 16 oz. exfoliating hand soap, 16 oz. lotion, 8 oz. body butter, and a 6 oz. bar soap. Made in U.S.A.

Treat yourself or a friend to this wonderful collection!

#61: Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon:


Folding, Sturdy Garden Wagon

If there’s one irrefutable truth about devoted gardeners, it’s that they’re always toting something around …

Bags of potting soil, plants of all sizes, tools, mulch, pots, clippings, harvested veggies … you name it, there’s always something which needs transporting from Point A to Point B.

The only problem with bulky wagons or totes is they’re just that – bulky and hard to deal with … and a pain in the neck to store.

Here’s a solution for gardening transport projects – a good looking Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon. We especially like this royal blue model, but it’s also available in black, green, red, pink, and even camo …

This large capacity wagon sets up in seconds – no assembly required! It features an adjustable handle for easy transport and two beverage cups to keep your cold drinks secure …

The wagon’s durable fabric cleans quickly and easily and the heavy load frame holds up to 150 pounds for even your biggest gardening projects …

Best of all, when the work is done, the wagon folds up to just 8 inches thick, and a storage case is included!

Any busy outdoor gardener would absolutely love to receive this handy collapsible wagon as a gift …

#62: Handy Garden Tool:

Handy Garden Tool by FlowerChick.com

Garden Pocket Tool

Cut, clip, prune, shear with this handy pocket tool.  This compact, multi-functional device does it all!  The garden pocket tool is crafted in stainless steel with an ash wood handle.

It measures 4½”w  x  6″h, open;  1¾”w  x  3½”h, closed. A thoughtful and practical gift for men or women garden enthusiasts.

A very handy (and good-looking) multi-purpose pocket tool – a welcome addition to any gardeners collection!

#63: Perennial Vegetable Gardening:

Gifts For Gardeners by FlowerChick.comDid you know there are certain vegetable plants which can be cared for like perennial flowers?

That’s the subject of this DVD and book titled Perennial Vegetable Gardening, available exclusively through our trusted source …

A compilation of a series of workshops conducted all across North America, this DVD introduces gardeners to over 100 little known vegetable plants. You’ll be given advice on how to plant, tend, and harvest these hardy high yield plants that turn your garden into a continuous supply of food …

Packed with color photos and illustrations, Perennial Vegetable Gardening is filled with scores of growing tips, recipes, and helpful resources. It’s a perfect gift for vegetable gardeners who want to expand their growing horizons beyond the usual suspects …

#64: When All Else Fails …

We hope you enjoyed our list of gift suggestions for gardeners as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you …

Still haven’t found a gift idea that hits your sweet spot?

Well, when all else fails …

Let your gift recipient pick out their own gardening gift with a welcome giftcard.

It might not be as much fun to give, but it sure is fun to receive!!  Available for our favorite online nursery in denominations from $25 – $250.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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