4 (Very) Fun & Easy Gardening Projects

Four Fun and Easy Indoor Gardening Projects by FlowerChick.com

Looking for some feel good, very fun, and easy gardening projects?  In the inclement months … while we are stuck indoors and it’s too cold and/or wet to work in the garden, that’s the perfect time to start growing veggies, herbs, and flowers inside.  Best news … no green thumb is required and as an added bonus working with plants helps lift your spirits!

Growing your own food is super rewarding and you feel better knowing it’s pesticide free.  These pleasurable projects don’t take up much space, nor require any special skills.  Perfect for the whole family to join in and experience the joy and satisfaction of nurturing plants. What are you waiting for?  Time to get growing!

Project # 1:  Turn Your Window Sill Into An Easy Care Garden

Yes, you can grow herbs indoors … even with a lack of time, space, and know how.  Dill, mint, oregano, thyme, basil, cilantro all right at your fingertips to add to your favorite salads and home-cooked meals.

This Herb Garden Gift Set comes with everything you need to become a master gardener in no time. The kit comes in an attractive timber planter box that’s sure to make an impression.

Bottle Garden Herb Kit by FlowerChick.com

The eco-friendly features include premium quality domestically sourced seeds, nutrient-dense soil discs for long term plant health, and even digital step-by-step guides that will walk you through the entire gardening process from A to Z … if you need some assistance.

Gardening should be fun, easy, and accessible for everyone.  Growing herbs on your windowsill is a great, space-saving start …

Did you know? Nurturing and looking after plants is a natural form of therapy, great for your emotional well-being and mental health. Gardening has been found to ease stress and relieve feelings of anxiety. 

Urban Leaf Complete Herb Garden Kit

Project # 2:  Grow Veggies, Salad Greens, Flowers & Herbs Indoors

You don’t need soil to grow tasty tomatoes, crisp salad greens, or sweet bell peppers in the comfort of your own home.  This year round, easy-to-use, fully contained indoor garden system delivers everything your plants need to thrive. You won’t have to wait for summer to get those farmers market fresh flavors …

The secret is hydroponics with special grow lights providing the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow, and grow quickly! Plants grow 5 times faster than in a traditional outdoor garden. Wow!  All you need to do is add water and specially formulated plant food and you’ll have herbs and veggies on demand … no trips to the store or hauling required.

Hydroponics:  the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil

Keeping your plant babies happy and thriving is never a problem as the system tells you what’s needed.  The telescoping light hood extends 24″ high, giving you tons of room for your favorite tall veggies and flowers to really mature … sit back, relax, and enjoy your own harvest! Grow beautiful flowers, flavorful herbs and fresh greens all year round with the ultimate smart indoor garden that does all the work. Those that grow together, stay together!

More crafty fun for all ages with these: Handmade Plant Décor Ideas!

Project #3:  Vertical Self-Contained Garden Meets Composting System

This next project is super cool … imagine growing 50 plants and vegetables in under four square feet! Ideal for vertical gardening on decks and patios … plus, get this, it’s also a composter. Hurray!

Very-fun-easy-gardening-projects by FlowerChick.com

Recently named the “World’s Most Advanced Container Garden” this amazing product is low maintenance, no weeding required, and even rotates for easy accessibility by everyone.

Nutrient rich gardening at its finest! The award winning design turns waste kitchen scraps – into organic fertilizer – to grow organic produce for you and your family.

This innovative vertical container gardening system coupled with composting system actually replicates a natural ecosystem allowing plants to access nutrients recycled through organic composting processes.

Resulting in easily grown, organically fresh vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers … all in a 4 ft footprint on your deck or patio. Unbelievably fun and rewarding with minimal effort.

Project # 4: Easily Grow Microgreens – Just Add Water!

This is a genius way to grow fresh microgreens in a small space! All you do is send for a starter set, fill the tray with water, plop in a seed quilt, and harvest your greens in one week. Yes, it’s that easy!

All seeds are non-GMO, and most options are organic (Energizing Kale, Fragrant Fenugreek, Hearty Broccoli, Spicy Daikon Radish, Earthy Clover, and Sweet Wheatgrass). They don’t need a lot of light or care.

Microgreens Grow Kit by FlowerChick.com

These little greens are delicious and nutritious, not to mention how awesome they look on the kitchen counter. Put them on salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta dishes, even bake them in cookies … the possibilities are endless.

What an amazingly easy way to add fresh spice, crunch, color and range of flavors to all your meals. Simple to set up and rewarding to watch grow!

Benefits of Easy Gardening Projects For The Whole Family

These super fun and easy gardening projects are perfect now … when you’re stuck at home and climbing the walls. Growing and nurturing plants is exceptionally rewarding and good for your mental health and wellbeing.

You’ll feel much better watching the herbs and veggies grow each day. Nothing beats eating food grown by your own hands and knowing it’s definitely organic. Locally grown always tastes better … and you can’t get any more local than your own home.

These four satisfying pursuits don’t take up much space at all, nor require any special gardening skills. The best time to start is now … to enjoy the satisfaction of cultivating plants. Let’s get growing!

Eco Friendly Rain Barrel Kit – A Fun Family Project!

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