Worm Composting

Worm Composting is an important element of a dog friendly garden. It’s easy, eco-friendly and very rewarding! Given the right environment and a little routine attention, a handful of worms will rapidly multiply and digest your kitchen scraps faster than any other composting method available …

You can compost your food scraps with worms and reduce the volume of your household garbage by as much as 25%. Your plants will be eternally grateful for this organic treat. It’s especially a neat, environmentally friendly thing to do as a family. Best of all, young boys think it’s REALLY COOL!

Things I’ve Learned About Worm Composters –

1. Any gardener knows that worms are a sign of nutrient-rich soil. Worms are important members of the gardening team, breaking down organic matter into compost. It only makes sense that a worm composter (or worm composting kit) is a great way to speed up the composting process.

2. Like regular compost bins, worm composters are receptacles for kitchen scraps that will eventually decompose. Worm composting bins are specially designed self-contained systems where worms can eat and live while converting your kitchen scraps (and even recyclable paper) into the best, nutrient rich compost for your flowers, plants and vegetables.

3. Best of all, worm composting is virtually odorless! You don’t even need to banish your worm compost bin to the yard; you can keep it in your basement, your laundry room, even your kitchen!

Here’s an excellent video on how to set up a worm composter:

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