7 Easy Steps To Create A Succulent Wall Planter

How To Make A Succulent Wall Planter

Looking for a fun indoor gardening project? Well, let’s create a succulent wall planter! In just 7 easy steps you’ll have a living display of charming succulents (or other plants) ready to hang on the wall, or display on a tabletop.

Craft your own vertical piece of living art and hang it the same day with this easy kit … just add soil and plants; then pin it into place for an eye-catching arrangement.Succulent Wall Planter How To

Step 1:

Buy this convenient and well-made kit!  It comes in three different sizes: 4″ x 6″, or 5″ x 7″ or the largest one at 8″ x 10″.  That’s the one Flower Chick used.

All the Instant Wall Planters come with modern yet rustic decorative frames. No need to be handy – it’s already put together.  I told you this would be easy!  😉 

The finished size of the 8″ x 10″ frame measures 13 3/16″ tall by 11 5/8″ wide and 2 3/4″ deep. It can be hung on a wall or placed upright on its easel back. You can even lay it flat on a tabletop, where it will become a lovable, living focal point!

How To Create A Succulnet Wall Planter

Step 2:

Purchase your plants and appropriate soil for the project.  If you are creating a succulent arrangement, make sure to pick up cactus potting mix which is designed to make succulents happy, healthy and fast draining.  They despise wet feet …

I went to a big box store (Home Depot) to buy the plants and soil for this project.  They have a really nice houseplant selection and oodles of succulents.  It took 14 plants (smaller sized) to fill the frame.  Of course, I overbought … so I planted the leftovers in small containers / planters I had lying around the house. 

Succulents in Planters

Good Succulents For Planters:

  • Golden Sedum

  • Crassula Lactea

  • Echeveria ‘Xanthe Rose’

  • Hawortha Attenuata Concolor

  • Pachyveria ‘Nay Alma’

  • Kalanchoe Longiflora Coccinea

  • Taciveria ‘Tasha”

  • Crassula Ovata ‘Gollum’

  • Portulacaria Atra Minima ‘Lilliput’

  • Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’

  • Sedum ‘Shooting Stars’

  • Sedum Donkey Tail ‘Burrito’

  • Tacisedum ‘Sola Flare’

  • Echeveria ‘Mexican Hat’

I’m by no means a succulent expert … but these varieties caught my eye at the local retailer.  Nice mix of shapes, colors, and textures to make your arrangement more visually appealing.

In addition to the soil and plants, I also picked up some sheet moss to fill in any gaps in the finished arrangement. Since I made it so tightly packed – I used very little of this, but now I have it on hand for other craft projects.

Making A Succulent Wall Planter

Step 3: 

Unpack the kit from the box. As you can see in the photo below, the planter-frame is already put together.  The planting box is constructed of a rigid, long-lasting polymer. No assembly required!

Also in the box, are detailed instructions, an easel back and a drainage reservoir … these come in handy if you want to hang your living artwork. 37 root securing pins are even included in the kit.  I didn’t pin down my arrangement since I crafted a tabletop, flat display. 

Succulent Planter Kit by FlowerChick.com

Step 4:

Let the fun begin!  Let’s start planting the frame … first, decide which way is up.  There is a built in hanger if you want to hang your vertical living creation. It’s good to establish which side of your Instant Wall Planter is the TOP to avoid creating your arrangement upside down.

Fill the frame almost to the top with the cactus soil.  I left about a 1/2″ of space from the top since the succulents are already planted in soil.

How To Make A Succulent Wall Planter

Step 5:

Now you get to formally introduce your plants to the planting frame! Take each one out of the container they came in and shake off (or pull off with your fingers) some of the potting mix. This helps so you can pack the frame full and not have a lot of excess dirt taking up room in the planter.

For the most riveting display, you might want to mix up the colors, shapes, and sizes of the succulents. Also placing some cascading varieties near the bottom or corners can further add texture and appeal.

Planting A Succulent Indoor Garden

Arrange your plants inside the planter frame snugly together. The more plants you can fit, and the closer they are together will ensure a tight, attractive arrangement and help avoid soil spillage upon display. Applying moss between the plants will also help prevent soil spillage and adds a decorative element to most arrangments.

Create A Succulent Wall Planter The Easy Way … Start With This Fantastic Kit!

Creating A Succulent Planter

Keep planting until the frame is chock full of succulents. To fill in smaller gaps, you can divide the plants and add as necessary so there isn’t much in the way of soil showing.

Succulents are light-loving, waterwise plants. During the growing season, water only once or twice a month. The number one way to kill them is overwatering.  They like to be kept on the dry side. During the dormant season, reduce the watering to every other month. Trim off any dried flowers (yes, succulents produce flowers!) using sharp garden snips.

Step 6:

If you plan to hang your work of art, then you need to pin it in place. Once your plants are arranged to your liking, insert the provided retaining pins to create a root securing grid. This will secure your plants for instant display! The grid pins work behind the scenes and will not be visible on your wall exhibit.

You can skip this step if you plan to use your succulent creation as a tabletop display.

How To Create A Succulent Wall Planter

When you’re done with the planting and optional pinning steps, then just give your living work of art a quick clean up. I took a paintbrush around the edges to remove any excess potting mix.

Step 7:

Display it! Step back and admire your handiwork. If you are hanging your planter, make sure your plants are snugly secured by carefully turing the planter frame over and ensuring no plants fall out. If any of the succulents appear loose, simply remove the pins, re-secure the plants in the planter frame and re-insert the pins in that area.

As a tabletop display, you can either prop up the arrangement using the easel back or set the planter on the table as an intriguing flat display.

Succulent Tabletop Display

Care Tips For Your Frame Planter:

  • Watering – Depending on the type of plants in your display, you can mist the front of the plants with a spray bottle or you can introduce water to the soil between plants via syringe.
  • Watering Tray – The top side of the planter frame features a watering tray with drainage holes to allow water to seep through the box directly saturating the roots. This comes in handy if you decided to wall mount your creation.
  • Avoid Overwatering – Succulents are light-loving, waterwise plants. During the growing season, water once a month or more depending on where you have placed your planter.
  • Dormant Season – During the dormant season, reduce the watering to every other month. Trim off any dried flowers using sharp garden snips.
  • Have Fun & Be Creative – Try making hanging planters with collections of succulents, flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. They can all be grown in this space-saving Instant Wall Planter!
Watering Succulents

Creating A Succulent Planter Summary

Create your own stunning vertical planter and hang it the same day with this easy kit … just follow my step-by-step directions for a fun, satisfying gardening project! Make one or more for yourself, and create one as a gift for family and friends.

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